Top 5 Benefits of Using Promotional Products in Your Marketing Strategy


Pop quiz: how many branded promotional items are in your home right now? Are you wearing any promotional clothing? Does your pen proudly display a brand’s logo?

Now let’s expand this inventory. Next time you sit across from a prospective client about to give a sales pitch, take a quick look around. What branded products are lying in plain sight on their desk? When you visit your GP for your yearly check-up, how many branded pens and sticky notes can you spot?

What is promotional marketing?


It’s a cost-effective marketing tool that increases your brand awareness and recognition while providing a great value to customers and clients. If you are spending your entire marketing budget on social media ads or content marketing, consider our top 5 benefits of leveraging promotional products as part of your marketing strategy.


Brand Recognition


According to Forbes the recall rate for promotional products is an astounding 85%. The numbers don’t lie — while a banner ad or one-off radio spot isn’t likely to stick with the average person, a constant visual reminder of your brand in their home is guaranteed to boost your visibility. You plant seeds with recipients of promotional products, many of whom research the brand later. Even more, they continue to create new impressions when they wear your hat or backpack when heading to work or enjoying a day off in the park.


Perceived Value

Buying sought-after promotional products in large quantities empowers you to offer useful items with a personal touch that appear to be high value. Recipients of promotional products are not aware of the actual cost of the item. Investing in high-quality promos means you can cultivate a great reputation among your clients. A company that gives away quality becomes linked with quality in the minds of customers.


Degree of Customization


There are thousands of promotional products to choose from! All of these can be endlessly modified and personalized  with brand logos, colors and identifiers to reach any target demographic. Communicate whatever message connects with your potential clients while gifting them an item they can use in their home or out-and-about for years. Consider that we offer 13 categories of customizable pens and hundreds of unique products within those categories. The possibilities are endless.



Promotional products generate impressions as long as they are in the home of the owner. Luckily, recipients of promos tend to keep them for an extended period of time. A study by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) found, depending on the product, promos can stay in the home over a year (for example, umbrellas typically last 14 months). After their first life cycle, 63% of promotional products are given away by the recipient to a friend or family member, according to the same study.


Cost Effectiveness

Because of the large amount of impressions promotional products generate, they lead the field in marketing for cost effectiveness. As the ASI reports, the cost of a promotional pen is 1/10th of a cent per impression. When compared to online advertising or traditional media advertising, it’s clear promos have the lowest cost and the greatest return when implemented effectively.
Get a handle on your target demographics and determine what promotional products will deliver the highest ROI by contacting a HALO Account Executive today. We’ll match your brand with the right promos to open up new possibilities through promotional marketing.

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4 Responses to Top 5 Benefits of Using Promotional Products in Your Marketing Strategy

  1. I like how you pointed out that promotional products have longevity. I think they are also a great way to advertise for a company. Thanks for all the great information on promotions and their benefits.

  2. Sarah Packer says:

    My husband and I wanted advertising tips since we want to start a business in the future! I didn’t know after the first year of a promo’s life, 63% of people gave it away to a family member or friend. Stuff like that could continue to rep my business so promos sound like a good investment; I’ll have to look around for a branded merchandise company that fits the business budget!

  3. I never knew that promotional marketing is a cost-effective tool that increases bard awareness whilst provides great value to the customers. My sister is planning to invest in a water bottled business and I think this strategy would work for her planned business. I hope we’ll be able to find a business that customizes the water bottle labels.

  4. That is a good point that promotional products can bring long term impressions. Maybe it would be good for someone running a campaign to have some merchandise. This is something I would want from someone running a campaign.

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