Top 5 Promotional Products to Deal With Stress


New year, new you! At least, that’s what most Americans hope. In 2018, resolutions like eating healthier, getting more sleep, and exercising more ranked at the top of our collective list. Your clients, customers, and employees are attempting to make big changes in their life. As you begin planning your next promotional product marketing campaign, consider giving the gift of relaxation.

Stress causes problems with weight gain, loss of sleep, and a lack of free time to plan healthy meals or hit the gym. With the following promos, anyone can work on reducing the amount of stress in their life and keep your brand in mind while doing it.

Stress Balls


Perhaps the most obvious of stress relief gifts are the aptly named stress balls. With the myriad of options we offer, you can customize any shape stress ball to boldly showcase your brand colors and a sharp logo or marketing message. Choose stress balls that evoke your industry, like a tooth stress reliever for a dental office or an apple stress reliever for the educational sector. Stress balls can lighten the mood in corporate settings and claim valuable real estate on the desk of your clients.

Exercise Bands


Branded latex exercise bands with EVA handles are versatile promotional items. They can function as a stress relief gift individually or be combined with other exercise gear like a fitness shaker cup and an activity tracker to create a themed gift package.

Choose between three vibrant colors and include your logo for maximum exposure. Exercise bands make great giveaways at trade shows to set you apart from booths with standard fare. Even in the office, anyone can sneak away to the break room for a ten-minute workout to stick to their resolutions or blow off some steam.


Relaxation Gifts


Help employees or customers melt away the stress with a thoughtful and unique stress relief gift. A 3-Piece Comfort Spa Kit provides the comforts of a private spa on-the-go, including an arched roller face massager, a cool-gel eye mask, and a palm/foot massage ball.

You can also opt for a promotional Plush Hot/Cold Eye Mask available in eight vivid color options. The aqua bead gel mask can be heated in the microwave or kept cold by storing in the refrigerator, allowing users choose their own soothing effect for stress relief.




Sometimes reducing stress is as simple as escaping the chatter and noise of a frantic workplace. Connect with top clients or reward high-performing employees with a pair of Bluetooth Stereo Headphones,allowing them to escape into the serenity of their favorite playlist without the need for wires or plugs. If you have the necessary marketing budget, make a lasting impression with Wrapsody Bluetooth Headphones featuring noise-cancellation capabilities.


Organizational Tools


Mismanaging your time creates a constant feeling of anxiety and stress.Help customers get organized – and reduce their stress – with a convenient promotional Weekly Pocket Planner where they can quickly check their deadlines and schedules for the day. Take it one step further with an Oxford Desk Organizer that tidies up their desk space while prominently featuring your brand name and logo.

When you give useful promotional items like stress relievers, recipients are more likely to hold onto them. Talk to a HALO Account Executive now to start planning a promotional marketing campaign that will make a real impact on clients, customer and employee stress levels.

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