Top Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Promotional Products

When you buy promotional items and leverage them effectively, you keep your brand fresh in the mind of prospective buyers year-round. Of course, with thousands of options at HALO Branded Solutions, you are both empowered to find the perfect fit for your next campaign and poised to potentially make mistakes.

There’s a right and a wrong way to buy promotional products — here are the top mistakes to avoid when placing your next order of promos.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Do you have a trade show in a week? Then we hope you started the design and ordering process for your giveaways several months ago. Our Account Executives make your satisfaction their top priority. they bounce ideas off of you and work with you to create carefully crafted promotional items and packages that will blow clients and customers away.

However, this process takes time. Last minute promotional products will undoubtedly cost more and will leave you with no room to fix mistakes or make adjustments. Check your marketing calendar and begin the process early. We suggest ordering promotional products one quarter before they are needed.

Don’t Order Based on Price Alone

The principle makes sense: if you have a smaller marketing budget go with the lowest-priced promos you can find. However, it’s imperative to align your brand image with the giveaways you stock — don’t spring for the cheapest possible promos if they aren’t representative of your brand.

When ordering promotional items with a modest budget, try to value quality over quantity. Pleasing 50 promo recipients is a more desired outcome than 100 people who don’t give your promo a second thought. If your budget allows you to spend $1 – $2 per item, discuss your options with an Account Executive. We stock many terrific promos that boast an affordable price point.

Don’t Make Your Imprint an Afterthought

Here’s an industry secret — many organizations ordering promotional products carefully select their promos and then simply add their logo. While this minimal branding may work for employee t-shirts or gift bags, they don’t allow recipients of your products to engage with you. Worse, if someone doesn’t like your design, you missed an opportunity for a website view or in-store visit. At a minimum, include your website, phone number, and/or address on your promo.

On the other end of the spectrum, cramming too much brand information on a small promo looks sloppy and overwhelming. Don’t write your company history on a promotional pen — creating effective promotional marketing is about striking a balance.

Don’t Ignore Your Buyer Personas

One common mistake is a marketer ordering promotional products they love instead of considering what would create the best impression with their target audience. Consult your buyer personas and discuss the demographics you are trying to reach when talking to your HALO Account Executive.

For example, promotional can coolers would be an excellent promotional item for a craft brewery, but would prove a misfire for healthcare providers. Are you an office supply company? A notepad or power bank will be bigger hits with your clients than a beach towel.

Call to your HALO Account Executive to start exploring what promotional products will increase your ROI as you head into next quarter.

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