Top Reasons People Keep Promotional Products

The math is simple: the longer recipients hold onto their freebies and promotional products, the more impressions you can anticipate. Understanding what consumers value in promotional products will help you choose promos that will remain in households, offices, and schools for longer periods of time, maximizing your ROI.

According to a 2017 study conducted by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 81% of consumers will keep certain promotional products for more than a year. What are the secret reasons why people keep particular promotional products?


The single most common reason why people keep promos? Because they’re useful! The PPAI study found that 85% of consumers keep promos they find useful. A 2014 Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) Impressions Study concluded the percentage of people that kept a product for its functional value fell between 70 and 93% (based on the type of product).

When a product performs an essential daily function for a recipient at a non-existent cost, they will likely hang onto a product until it no longer works. Great examples of functional promotional products that will remain in a household for extended periods of time include umbrellas, and tech accessories like power banks and headphones.


The same PPAI study noted 24% of people will keep products that provide an informational benefit – especially if it’s easy to reference. This means you can expect promotional calendars, which provide a convenient visual reference for anyone’s daily schedule, to remain on a wall or desk for a full year.

Other informational promos that are kept for months include notebooks and padfolios. Professionals can take crucial notes during a meeting and keep important documents close by for reference throughout the workday.


Who doesn’t like to have a good time? Freebies and giveaways that are inherently entertaining will earn a place on a recipient’s desk or in their kids’ toy drawer. 44% of consumers keep promos just because the products are fun to use.

When you want to target customers with fun promos, consider mainstays like stress balls, playing cards, and custom sports balls like volleyballs or footballs. Appeal to adults with amusing shot glasses, and delight kids with personalized fidget toys.


A crucial component of any successful promotional marketing campaign is the design — recipients love to keep fashionable, high-quality branded clothing, backpacks, and sunglasses that align with their unique sense of style.

You can spend time researching niche fashions that appeal to specific customers, or go with sleek design choices and neutral colors that will reach a broader audience. 43% of consumers will keep promos that fit their personality, so make the effort to choose products with contemporary styling.


Placing branded promos in the hands of satisfied customers will empower them to market on your behalf. According to the PPAI study, 28% of recipients keep and use promos because they had a wonderful experience interacting with your brand. Providing great customer service pays off — 22% of consumers will keep promos because they love your brand and want to share their positive association with others.

Give free promos to loyal customers returning to your business. Effective marketing relies on relationships, and a customer that feels valued will advocate for your brand better than any ad could.

Use these insights to craft a promotional product marketing strategy that keeps your brand message inside more homes and fresh in the minds of recipients for a year or more. Ready to plan the details of your next giveaway or trade show? Contact your HALO Account Executive today.

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