Top Things to Consider before Designing Your Logo

Designing a business logo is one of the first steps when starting a new business or non-profit – and one of the most important. Your logo will introduce your brand to potential customers or donors on a visceral, subconscious level, making a positive or negative impression typically in 50 milliseconds.

Packing as many details about your business as possible into a logo is a stressful endeavor. To sift through the seemingly endless possibilities and settle on a professional logo for your company, find out how to make a business logo that sticks out. 

Keep It Simple

Your organization is complex. Fitting your mission statement, product offerings, and company culture into a five-page document would prove challenging — with a logo, you have to do it with a few shapes, letters, and colors. To create a visually-compelling logo that is clear, you’ll have to let go of many details to hone in on what’s crucial: your unique selling proposition.

If your logo is cluttered or contains too many details, it will lose its clarity and impact. In terms of design, try to adhere to the Golden Ratio when constructing your logo to replicate the success of logos for brands including Pepsi, Twitter, and Disney. To assess whether your logo has achieved an ideal aesthetic balance, simply input the dimensions of your logo into an online Golden Ratio calculator.

Be Careful With Color

When you select the colors in your logo based on data and research, you can take the guesswork out of your design. Up to 90% of subconscious decisions by consumers are based on color and related visual elements, so choosing the correct color combination for your logo is vital to long-term appeal.

Colors are associated with the qualities and elements of your brand communicated by your logo. For example, companies with green in their logos are often youth-oriented, and green is the best color to signal a commit to environmental sustainability. Red in your logo will communicate passion, power, and urgency. Read our tips for using color in your branding so you select the best color options for your company logo.

Take Time to Workshop Options

Completing a logo and branding overhaul down the line isn’t unthinkable, but it carries significant risk. For example, when Tropicana revamped their logo and ditched their traditional color scheme they experienced an alarming 20% sales reduction, which translates into millions of dollars lost in a matter of months.

Take the time to collaborate with a designer and generate several logos that you can workshop. Deciding on the right font is just as essential as selecting the right color — for a quick introduction read this blog on font types. Instead of sticking with basic geometric shapes or patterns, try something bold that subverts convention. It’s worth the investment now to position your brand for success down the line.

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