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Trade Show Tips for 2017 | HALO Branded SolutionsThe New Year is almost here, and if you’re trying to plan ahead for 2017 trade shows, HALO has some tips to make sure you get the most out of every event. Learn the importance of pre and post-show activities, how to make your booth stand out, and the top seven things you should always bring to a convention.

Trade Show Exhibitor White Paper | HALO Branded SolutionsBooth! There It Is: How to Build an Awesome Event Marketing Plan

The Booth! There It Is trade show exhibitor white paper gives you information you need to know when developing your trade show strategy and plan. You’ll learn how to choose trade show objectives and set goals, how to appeal to different types of attendees, and trade show secrets to make your booth and staff stand out among the rest.

Trade Show Playbook Infographic | HALO Branded SolutionsThe Trade Show Playbook: How to Run a Winning Trade Show Booth

This helpful trade show infographic walks you through a trade show from “the game plan” all the way through the “post-game conference”. Learn how pre-show promotions can help increase booth traffic, how to choose staff apparel, and how to make the most out of follow-up.


How to Design a Trade Show Booth | HALO Branded SolutionsHow to Design a Trade Show Booth

Do you want to be one of the booths that attendees remember long after the show? Follow the tips in this post to guarantee you have an eye-catching, brand boosting booth.


7 Must-Haves for Your Trade Show Survival Kit Trade Show Survival Kit | HALO Branded Solutions

Attending a trade show can be just as important to your brand as exhibiting. You can make the most out of your busy convention days by remembering to pack trade show essentials. By the end of day three or four, you’ll be glad you packed accordingly.

Ready to order your trade show promo items? Need help choosing the right displays, table covers or giveaways? Contact HALO today.

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