Trend Alert: Graphite Backpacks


As the amount of devices we use each day continues to increase there has been a notable shift in the way professionals transport their essentials to and from work. The modern, urbanized graphite backpack is quickly replacing the traditional briefcase for both practical and aesthetic reasons.

Perhaps most importantly, we are now living in a hands-free society. Backpacks are less intrusive, allowing commuters to bike to work and providing you the ability to type an email or look up the perfect spot for lunch while walking into the office. A briefcase simply doesn’t provide the convenience of a backpack.

In addition, there are more refined and sophisticated designs for backpacks than there were even a decade ago. Executives are embracing the backpack, and manufacturers have developed high-quality backpacks with simplistic designs and neutral color palettes that fit perfectly into any corporate environment.

The other obvious perk of a customized backpack is the space it offers. Professionals can fit their gadgets, files, gym clothes, and lunch into a spacious backpack. Compared to a briefcase it’s simply a more effective way to pack up and go.

There has been a massive increase in the production and sale of graphite backpacks geared toward adults and working professionals. In fact, professional backpacks now account for more than 48% of the entire market in the United States.

Customizable backpacks are terrific promotional products to give to members of the tech sector and to any working professional. Even work-from-home creatives and freelancers will generate thousands of impressions, as their work takes them all over and a graphite backpack functions as their portable office.


Many popular graphite backpacks retail for $100 to $300, but by ordering customized backpacks through HALO you can maximize your ROI. Depending on the size of your order you can outfit your company with Graphite Deluxe Computer Backpacks for just $17 to $21 per backpack!

The zippered main compartment in this model backpack can hold a laptop up to 15.6” in size, and an iPad or tablet can fit in the designated pocket. Two zippered compartments offer plenty of space for accessories, pens, chargers, and notepads. The side pocket is perfect for storing a beverage on the go.


Choose the Graphite Slim Computer Backpack to still fit a 15” laptop and tons of additional items while boasting an exceptionally slim and professional frame. Our customizable graphite backpacks come with one screen print or heat transfer. You can add a multi-color or full-color imprint or embroidery for an additional charge.

Embrace the future and go hands-free in your office by ordering graphite backpacks as promotional items. If you have any questions about our selection of customized backpacks contact your HALO Account Executive right away.

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