Trend Alert: Reversible Umbrellas


Umbrellas are among the most popular promotional products across demographics because they’re extremely useful and have a long shelf-life. The Advertising Specialty Institute estimates that umbrellas make at least 1,300 impressions during their lifespan. 83% of people who receive promotional umbrellas keep them because of their utility!

That’s why the latest umbrella trend should make marketing and promotion experts gushing with excitement. The inversion umbrella, also coined a “reversible umbrella,” was engineered by Jenan Kazim of Great Britain after his mother-in-law complained about getting wet from her umbrella when entering and exiting a car.

An inversion umbrella opens in reverse; the mechanism inside keeps the dry portion of the umbrella on the outside of the handle when the umbrella is disengaged. By changing the fundamental opening and closing processes this umbrella solves the issue of soaking yourself when getting in and out of a vehicle.

That’s not the only benefit of this revolutionary umbrella design: an inversion umbrella is free-standing for drying, and because of the design you can contain the drip easily by placing it in an umbrella stand. Plus,  because a reversible umbrella opens from the top instead of the bottom you are less likely to poke other people on the sidewalk with the spokes as you open it.

Another perk of a reversible umbrella is the unique c-shaped handle. The generous opening allows you to slide your hand in and secure the umbrella with your wrist. Having a hands-free umbrella with a “texters” handle gives you the power to check your email, send a quick message, or find directions without getting soaked!


An inversion umbrella can cost as much as $120 from online retailers. However, if you choose to order custom printed umbrellas from HALO each umbrella can be priced as low as $17 depending on the size of your order.

We stock multiple types of inversion umbrellas so you can find a great promotional product for any budget. The best-selling Stratus Reversible Umbrella is constructed from a double layer of polyester with colorful, perforated liner and a sturdy fiberglass frame that will stand up to the strongest winds.

Order custom umbrellas in a variety of striking colors and add one or two heat transfer prints free of charge depending on the model. You can also add a customized belly band or hand tag to your custom umbrella for an additional charge. Choose the Colorized Inversion Umbrella for a 46-inch canopy!

Hop on this trend to impress your clients and rack up impressions in your area. Talk to your HALO Account Executive to place an order for inversion custom umbrellas today.

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