Trend Watch: Desk Calendars

“What’s trending?” It’s one of the most common questions our Account Executives are asked, and it’s a question we love to answer. We utilize the latest research to connect you with promotional products that reflect what’s popular online, in stores, and on the street.

In 2019 we’ve seen the rising popularity of Marie Kondo and her method of simplifying and organizing your room by simply asking, “what sparks joy?” This trend of an organization has rippled out across industries and areas of life, inspiring people to become more organized and efficient beyond home storage.

Benefits of Promotional Desk Calendars

Today one of the trendiest promotional items is also one of the most enduring and useful: a personalized desk calendar. Gifts for the office desk are always dependable because they can be kept in circulation for months, but a desk calendar carries with it at least 12 months of usability. Keeping this organizational tool in the large desk calendar format ensures your brand is highly visible throughout the year.

The large surface area of desk calendars works wonders for advertisers, especially as organizational tools are falling back into style. According to the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 75% of people who see a desk calendar will recall the advertiser at a later time. Desk accessories like calendars are kept for 14 months on average, according to the Advertising Speciality Institute (ASI). This is much longer than the standard average of 8 months for other promotional items.

Go for Portable Calendars

Desk calendars are stationary due to their size, which is why many marketing experts prefer desk planners with professional detailing and materials like leather that will impress in any setting. 45% of office workers prefer to use a combination of a desk calendar and a portable calendar for in-depth note-taking and record-keeping, giving your brand more exposure.

Weekly planners offer ample space for deadlines, events, and notes. Ideal for a client or executive gifts, a sharp mid-size weekly planner will win over any recipient and is available in 10 original colors. For a functional compromise between a sizable yearly calendar and a weekly calendar that resembles a journal, consider a ruled weekly desk planner that features durable binding and plenty of space for personalized logos and contact information.

Desk Calendars on a Budget

You don’t need to set aside your entire marketing budget to offer professional and targeted desk calendar promos to your customers and contacts. An ultra-removable laptop calendar is a perfect way to keep your brand at the forefront of someone’s mind for the entire year, featuring an easily-removable adhesive backing so recipients can shift it around and reposition it as much as they need.

Get brand recognition from every angle with the unique calendar cube, a square notepad featuring a single sheet for every day of the year. The imprint on each side can be different or it can be unique to maximize your messaging potential. Desk calendars come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to connect with various demographics without spending the heft of your marketing budget.

Capitalize on the organizational trend that Marie Kondo has popularized and design vibrant or subtle desk calendars to promote your brand and stay relevant in 2019. Not sure what type of desk calendar or planner will best align with your messaging? Talk to a HALO Account Executive to order office promos with confidence.

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