Trend Watch: React and Adapt, Customized Apparel


“What’s trending?” It’s a question you ask us often. The best part? It’s a question we love answering. Utilizing lots of research, our team compiles the promotional products that reflect the trends you’re seeing in retail stores, online, and on the street.

Today’s focus is the React and Adapt trend – a trend that embodies versatility and the ability for a branded product to perform multiple functions.  The products that fall into this development trend were designed and built for a target demographic that loves adventure and the unknown.

Some characteristics of the React and Adapt trend are:

  • Versatile function – products that were made to endure a sudden change in plans.
  • Weather proof materials – fabrics that were designed to withstand inclement weather at the drop of a hat.

Products in this trend and the people who love them are ready for anything – like a last minute road trip or karaoke in front of a huge crowd, you know, normal things. Regardless of the activity, spontaneity is React and Adapt’s middle name. Okay, you caught us, it doesn’t actually HAVE a middle name… but you get the point.

React and Adapt products are perfect for millennials, companies with ties to adventure or the outdoors, or businesses with traveling sales people that that need outfitted on the road. If your next promotion needs customized products that switch gears quickly and are built to last – look no further than these next two.


The Bromley V Neck is the perfect piece of logoed apparel to take your employees from the office, to client meetings and then to happy hour. Who knew a, dare we say sweater, could be so versatile and exciting?  The men’s and women’s styles were designed very differently – the men’s style is professional without being stuffy and the women’s style has a trendy look and dropped back hem for added comfort and chic look. That’s a win, win!  Built with washable wool, this piece of customized apparel can withstand long stretches on the road and many washes without compromising its top notch quality.


Now for the Kinney. The Kinney Packable Jacket is the ultimate must-have in your carry-on luggage or in the glove compartment of your car.  Designed with a water repellent finish, this branded jacket was created to match up to whatever Mother Nature has in store.  Conveniently folding into its own pocket, this small-but-mighty jacket is a versatile product that packs a huge punch in the value department.

Does your next promotion warrant a piece of customized apparel that is weather resistant or needs to transition from day to night without missing a beat? Contact us! We have tons of options when it comes to stylish and functional apparel, and we’d love to chat with you about using one of these pieces in your next campaign or promotion.

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