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“What’s trending?” It’s a question you ask us often. The best part? It’s a question we love answering. Utilizing lots of research, our team compiles the promotional products that reflect the trends you’re seeing in retail stores, online, and on the street.

We’re diving into a trend we like to call “Revival” today. This nostalgic trend is all about classic styled products with modern performance packed in.  Retro and nostalgia marketing strikes a chord with consumers everywhere, but especially those between the ages of 22 and 37 (cough cough, Millennials).  Why do we love things that make us think of the past? Because it gives us those warm, fuzzy feelings of nostalgia! Research shows that marketing campaigns that tap into consumer emotions perform above and beyond those that don’t, and tapping into fond and positive memories can be a homerun for brands.

Reliving memories from the past, or a “better time” can make us feel good, so when companies successfully make a consumer recall those good times, that favorable feeling becomes synonymous with the brand.  When we feel or care for something, we’re more likely to act. So, as Marketers we compel consumers to purchase or donate to a cause if you inject feeling into a campaign.

When you really take a second to think about it, you’ll realize that creators across all industries are jumping onboard the Revival trend.  Media companies, for example, are going through a “remake” phase.  We’re seeing reboots of our favorite movies and TV shows from the past like Wonder Woman, Blade Runner and the highly successful Star Wars reboot.  Fashion is also having a flash back moment; we’re seeing throwback styles that long for the simpler, pre-smart phone days.

Promotional products that fall into the Revival category elicit an emotional reaction from the recipient, even if that reaction is subconscious.  These products were developed to recall the past while also functioning at a high level of performance that’s suitable for present day endeavors.  Tapping into sentimental memories can be a welcomed departure from the digital world that present day consumers are fatigued by regularly.

Let’s talk product.  Revival products can span across virtually any category and lend themselves well to many events and industry use cases.  A classic, versatile customizable mug that we love right now is the Rover:


If that doesn’t elicit feelings of nostalgia, then we don’t know what will.  This retro camping inspired mug lets you drink your hot or cold beverage of choice while you sit by a fire, or maybe just your desk. The double-wall, stainless steel vacuum construction keeps drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for at least 6, and prevents condensation from building up on the outside of the mug!

Use this promotional mug in your next campaign if you’re looking to provide a practical, useful item that guarantees brand exposure.  Coming in under $12, this is perfect for a gift that needs to be affordable yet feel high end.

If you’re ordering a large number of products, and need to keep costs down we suggest the Allen Sunglasses:


Designed with the classic wayfarer style, these sunglasses will be a hit at your next tradeshow or college job fair.  The woodgrain finish elevates the simple silhouette of these logoed sunglasses while evoking memories of that old station wagon your parents used to drive around. No? Maybe that was just us. Either way, customize these sunglasses with your brand’s logo on one or both sides.

Revival is about escapism, leaving behind the fast paced, digital world that we live in and for a moment allowing a campaign or a branded product to remind us of simpler times.  Interested in using some nostalgic products in your next promotional campaign? Give us a call! We’d love to chat with you about how this trend can be incorporated into any marketing campaign.

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