Unique Marketing Products to Put in Gift Bags

Whether you’re planning to wow attendees at your next event with a show-stopping conference bag or pulling together gift bag ideas for new employees, you want your swag to propel conversions and raise your visibility as much as possible. However, here is the blunt truth: many brands don’t flex their creative muscles when assembling a gift bag — and it shows.

Set your brand apart and create a favorable impression of your organization by gifting unique gift bags to prospective clients or event attendees. Here are our favorite ways to make your gift bag stand out.

Trendy Gifts for Your Swag Bag

Pens and notebooks may be tossed aside if your recipients are accustomed to standard promotional giveaways. Include some (or all) of these affordable promos in your gift bag:

Adult Coloring Books —  Adult coloring books are rapidly building steam as a calming way to relax the mind during the lulls at corporate events. Our Adult Doodle Coloring Book contains 40 sheets of pages where your attendees can doodle and sketch, or choose a themed coloring book to really help wired employees de-stress.

Gourmet Goodies — Let’s be honest. Many people attending conventions can’t wait to settle into their hotel room and blast through their latest Netflix obsession. Include a promotional tin of gourmet popcorn or other sweet and salty snacks to keep your brand fresh on their mind long after the final keynote speaker.

Wireless Headphones — Wires are so 2014. If your marketing budget allows, splurge on a high-tech item that recipients will use for years. Our True Wireless Earbuds are competitively priced to offer great value to your gift bag recipients without tearing through your marketing budget. The included drawstring pouch is the perfect surface for your vibrant logo.

Marry the Theme With the Bag

A cohesive gift bag is the ultimate giveaway. Set the scene by choosing a bag style that matches the branded swag inside. For example, if you are gifting branded towels, sunglasses, and other outdoor accessories, complete the ultimate beach package by using a canvas beach bag adorned with your brand colors.

On the other end of the spectrum, practical tech gifts like power banks, port hubs, and headphones should be packaged in a professional laptop bag any professional would be proud to bring to work. Consider the actual bag in your gift package as a logical extension of your brand and your offering. 

Customize a Simple Tote Bag for Increased ROI

We offer dozens of distinctive promotional bags, but once you choose unique marketing products to include in your gift bag, you’ll also want to add stylistic touches to make your brand unforgettable. With our popular tote bags the sky’s the limit. Smaller brands can choose between several material options, artwork possibilities, and singular designs at a rate that is extremely cost-effective for optimal promotional marketing.

Tote bags are also an excellent choice if you want to convey an eco-conscious image for your brand. Some of the best uses for reusable tote bags include upside-down planters for vegetables and donation receptacles for food drives. Even if it’s just for the weekly trip to the grocery store, stressing the environmentally-friendly aspect of your gift bag will ensure your bag isn’t thrown away after recipients unload all of your included gifts. 

Don’t compromise on your gift bag design. Think outside of the box to include some giveaways other brands won’t consider. Ready to put together a gift bag that will blow your attendees or employees away? Contact your HALO Account Executive today.

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