Unique Promotional Products for College Fairs


At college fairs, potential students can be easily overwhelmed. Rushing from one booth to the next for several hours, they are inundated with messaging and branding as they ponder their academic futures. In the college fair setting, it’s difficult for them to properly absorb all the necessary information to settle on a college or two where they want to apply.

For this reason, bringing useful and unique promos can set your college or university apart. Young consumers love swag that is both stylish and functional. In fact, 85% of people who receive giveaways and promotional products will keep them if they are useful to have, according to PPAI. Before you head out to the next round of college fairs, make your institution to stand out from the rest by investing in the following promotional products. .

Promotional Bags


Students who take full advantage of a college fair will leave the event weighted down with brochures, pamphlets and free swag from each college they are considering. Gift them the perfect drawstring bag to carry all of those giveaways and promos. It will serve as an all-purpose bag for the gym or for school long after the event. As they work their way through the college application and admissions process, seeing the name of your institution on their promotional bag will remind them of you and encourage them to look up more information about the programs at your school.
Stylus Pens


Pens are a promotional marketing staple item, especially useful for students who still write papers and take tests every day. Increase the quality of pens you give away at college fairs by investing in stylus pens potential applicants will really appreciate. The addition of the multi-purpose stylus gives them the power to write notes on paper and on their smartphone with equal ease. As it becomes their go-to writing tool, even more people will be exposed to your college or university.




Tech promos are always a hit with younger demographics. Provide prospective students with a tool they are bound to use — a 4-port USB hub that connects multiple devices to their laptops. As they complete homework assignments and draft their first college admissions essay, they will be reminded of your brand. As tech companies transition away from the practice of including multiple USB ports on laptops, students will need this tech item until they decide to fully upgrade their computer and accessories.

Flash Drives


What better way to help students remember your university than the gift of extra memory? USB flash drives are extremely common in high schools, making them common sense giveaways for your next booth. Our flagship swing drive is available in seven different storage sizes and over 25 color options to perfectly match your university colors.

Smart Wallet


Kids staying in a dorm for the first time will not be carrying dozens of credit cards and memberships — all they need is their smartphone, an ID, a debit card and some cash. That’s why the smart phone wallet is increasingly becoming the promo for high school and college students. This giveaway will be used right away and will remain in the pocket of recipients for years, especially if they choose to attend your college.

Increase your brand visibility and land more students at your next college fair by arriving prepared with trendy, must-own promotional products. Contact a HALO Account Executive and develop your promotional marketing strategy today.

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