Using Halloween Promotional Products for your Company Event

The time for Halloween has finally come. The hype, and pumpkin spice is spreading through offices around the world, so be prepared when the ghouls and ghosts come to play. Fill your office with all sorts of goodies – decorations, personalized trick-or-treat candies, and prizes for costume contests – and partake in the fun at your own corporate Halloween party.

If you’re asking whether it’s possible to experience Halloween without throwing a corporate party, the answer is no. As bizarre as it may be, Halloween’s popularity rivals those of Christmas and New Years. In turn, it’s cruel to make people work the whole day without some Halloween fun.

Planning and executing a Halloween party requires time and creativity, and not one approach is the end-all be-all. Below are a few of our favorite must have products for a successful Halloween.

Personalized Candy

It just wouldn’t be Halloween without candy now would it? There are candies to meet every one of your employees needs, sweet, sour, or savory. We can’t just let kids have all the fun of trick-or treating, pass out Chocolate Buttermints for the sweet and savory or Assorted Sour Candies for the tart in mind at your company Halloween – like a zombie, it’s a no brainer!

Personalized Draw String Bag

Without a doubt draw string bags may seem like an all-year-round tool, often being used by families to carry shoes and clothes to and from the gym, or a perfect employee on-boarding tool to carry first day essentials around the office. But there’s another use, leave open a Cotton Tote on their desk or hang a Drawstring Sport Pack open outside of their workstation to drop treats in throughout the day. Employees will appreciate these small gestures and will surely use the complimentary bag for years.


Whether or not your employees are dressed in a costume this October, keep your brand front and center for Halloween with personalized clothing. Choose between t-shirts both long sleeve and short sleeve, or sweatshirts to keep them warm in the fall. Take this opportunity with your logo by branding it in orange and black for the holiday, or keep it simple with your tried and true colors.

Key Flashlights

With the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer, parents will appreciate a safety light to give their trick-or-treaters navigate the dark for candy. A super bright keylight is perfect to let your brand shine bright. Attach them to your child’s coat or backpack so they’re visible when crossing the street.

Ready to order some scary-good promos? Let us help you with Halloween this October by contacting a HALO Account Executive today.

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