Walk a Mile in Their Shoes — Case Study


Heartly House

Heartly House is an organization in Frederick County, Maryland, that provides comprehensive services to survivors of domestic abuse, sexual assault, and child abuse. These services include a 24-hour hotline, emergency shelter, counseling, legal representation, advocate services, professional education and community outreach.

Since 2010 the organization has held an annual event called “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes.” In 2017 they transitioned the title of the event to “Walk a Mile in Their Shoes” to create an inclusive and family-friendly event where participants of all ages and genders can walk a mile to raise funds for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. The event rebranding required Heartly House to create a new logo and promotional products to make the biggest impact.

Choosing HALO Branded Solutions


Heartly House had a tight timeframe to develop the new logo and branding for their signature event, and they were in need of promotional products that would connect with participants of all ages and gender identities. Their top priority was developing new branding in a cost-effective manner while choosing promotional items that would provide high visibility and brand exposure. Heartly House chose to partner with HALO Branded Solutions due to HALO’s history of collaboration and our ability to deliver targeted branding solutions within a modest budget.

HALO Account Executive Joyce Ponton edged out the competition because Heartly House knew from experience that HALO is adaptable and dependable. Heartly House needed materials provided by event sponsors packaged alongside promotional products from HALO Branded Solutions, and through HALO’s coordinated efforts, all items were distributed efficiently at the event, streamlining the process for Heartly House.


The Problems


Heartly House decided late in the game to rebrand their event and the accompanying promotional materials. They are also a non-profit organization raising funds to support their mission. This posed the following challenges:

  • Changing the format of the event required a new logo and collateral design to appeal to all ages and genders
  • New branding and promotional materials had to be produced on a tight timeline without going over budget
  • Promotional products needed to promote the brand while educating attendees and raising awareness of domestic violence
  • A mix of sponsor products and HALO Branded Solutions promotional products had to be distributed in a streamlined manner


HALO’s Unique Solutions


HALO’s Ponton worked alongside Heartly House to develop an all-inclusive design that would appeal to men, women, and children attending the event. The promotional products were distributed at the Walk a Mile in Their Shoes event.

  • First, HALO created a logo and branding for the new event that was equally appealing to all attendees. In previous years, the logo was a pair of stiletto heels accompanied by the slogan “Are You Man Enough?” Instead, a new logo featuring high top sneakers and a purple, red, and black color scheme illuminated the troubles experienced by men, women, and children who fall victim to domestic violence and abuse.
  • Building off of this event branding, HALO Branded Solutions delivered over 200 event t-shirts to be worn by walkers at the event. In addition, HALO designed event banners and posters to raise brand visibility and establish the tone for the walk.
  • A promotional giveaway package was given to attendees inside a durable tote bag containing informational print material about the event, keepsake magnets, donation envelopes, and a variety of sponsored products that HALO Branded Solutions collected before the event.


Satisfied Customers


The efforts of HALO Account Executive Joyce Ponton led to a sizable increase in event attendance and brand reach. Two years before the rebranding, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes drew between 75 and 100 people, as the event was limited to men. Opening it up to people of all ages and genders, along with the promotional material that communicated this message, resulted in approximately 175 walkers/participants during the 2017 Walk a Mile in Their Shoes event. The targeted messaging helped Heartly House increase their non-profit revenue initiatives by 70% in one year.

HALO Branded Solutions provides targeted solutions for promotional marketing that meet your needs and make the most of your budget. Contact a HALO Account Executive to experience one-on-one professional assistance and access to the latest promotional products and designs available.

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