What to Do After Your Next Trade Show


In our past blogs you learned to prepare for your trade show by planning ahead for success, and on the day of the trade show you learned to generate organic interest in your products and services by creating a home within your booth and connecting with visitors. But now you’ve packed up your booth, returned to the office and clocked in for that next day of work – what’s next?

To convert new customers and capitalize on leads captured at a trade show, follow-through is essential. The trade show may be over, but your work has just begun. Here’s how to reach out and build on the connections you made in a way that will grow your business:

Store Contacts

As soon as you return from your trade show (preferably the following day),organize all of your leads in your CRM database in order to reach out with follow-up information within the week. Based on your corporate marketing strategy, send an email blast that includes a compelling call-to-action for leads to take advantage of a trade show-specific promotion, or direct them to your website and other general points of interest.

Don’t allow much time to pass without establishing contact. You don’t want to risk losing the momentum you worked tirelessly to create at the trade show.

Target Top Leads


Especially at B2B trade shows, there are particular clients or accounts that will transform your business if you land them. Your most valuable leads should know how important their business is to you, so forgo the standard email or phone call and consider gifting a top-tier promotional item to forge a connection.

You can opt for something professional and stylish like a trend-setting canvas and leather bag, or go for a crowd pleaser like an Executive Gourmet Tower bursting with sweets and high-quality goodies. Whatever you choose, include a thank you message and a soft pitch for why your businesses could mutually benefit from an ongoing partnership.

Crunch the Numbers

If you don’t measure your success and break down your key metrics, you will have no method of improving your approach for future trade shows. For many trade shows the main focus is on gathering leads, a metric you can track with a lead capture app. However, if there is a noticeable gap between the amount of leads generated and the amount of new customers, then something isn’t connecting with trade show attendees.

Follow the customer lifecycle of the leads you gathered at the trade show. Another helpful metric is calculating your cost per lead: simply divide the total cost of your spot at the trade show with the amount of leads generated to learn how cost-effective your strategy is.

Write Relevant Content



Did certain questions come up frequently at the trade show? Are their hot button issues in your field that you can confidently demystify? Publish blogs on your company’s website to position your brand as a thought leader and demonstrate your ability to go the extra mile for your customers. Engaging content convinces your new leads to trust your brand and return for a future sale.

Unique promotional products can keep your brand firmly in the mind of many trade show attendees, leading to greater acquisition and higher rates of new customers per trade show. Contact HALO today to revamp your trade show booth design and stock up on high-quality promotional items for your next trade show.

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