Why Folding Chairs Are Great Promotional Products

Certain promos get all the limelight when brands are deciding what promotional items to use in their next campaign. Tote bags and hats have demonstrable benefits, but there are many other low-cost promos that will make your brand stand out and connect with potential customers.

One useful and popular promotional product for the spring and summer months is a personalized folding chair. Here are the top reasons why we recommend folding chairs for small businesses and big brands in several distinct industries:

Staying PowerUsefulness is the most important factor when a promo recipient is deciding whether to keep an item. The more useful a promo, the more likely it will be used well into the future, generating hundreds of impressions.

Even then, the average number of months a family holds onto a promo depends on the item. Most items stay in the home for about 8 months, but useful outdoor products like umbrellas and folding chairs are kept for 14 months or more. If you gift a convenient folding chair at your next event, you are ensuring your brand a permanent spot in the recipient’s life for over a year. That kind of ROI speaks for itself.


Folding sports chairs are relevant to many industries and appeal to a huge swath of consumer types. Whether you own furniture business, sports e-commerce company, or run a neighborhood barbecue restaurant, you can find a logical marketing entry point to give away promotional folding chairs during months when people love being outside.

Custom folding chairs are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and price points so they match your marketing budget and support your existing brand color scheme and marketing materials. For example, our Best Seller Super Sturdy Promo Seat is sold in twelve unique colors and patterns so you don’t have to compromise your design.

Local Markets

Owners of customized folding chairs typically take them to events that aren’t too far from their home. Local events with heavy foot traffic and plenty of folding chairs include outdoor events like concerts, parades and sporting events. In addition, families also bring folding chairs to parks for picnics, to the riverfront for fishing or enjoying the beach with the kids, and sitting around the campfire –  all out in the great outdoors.

Bottom line: when your marketing strategy is to increase brand awareness in your local community, you can’t go wrong with folding sports chairs. If your products or services are more sought after in the summer, even better — your target demographics will spot your signature branding any time they head to the local park or visit the state fair.

The Consideration Factor

When a potential customer passes by a promo recipient wearing branded swag like a hat or tote bag, they have a few seconds to absorb your branding. If you place your brand name on the highly-visible back of a folding chair, anyone behind the chair will potentially see your logo and message for hours – or even a whole day. This gives each impression more time to think about your brand — they may pull out their smartphone and research your brand to learn more.

Create positive opinions of your brand in past customers and for fresh eyes by gifting promotional folding chairs. Talk to your HALO Account Executive today to brainstorm how folding chairs fit into your overall marketing strategy.

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