Why You Should Encourage Employees to Bring their Lunch to Work

With the growing cost of health care, many companies are looking at creative ways to save money on their insurance premiums – from asking employees to pay a greater percentage  of the insurance premium to encouraging employees to make key lifestyle changes.Access Kooler Bag

Today, more companies are emphasizing the importance of prevention. They are attempting to motivate employees to lose weight, quit smoking and get physically active by offering a variety of incentives – financial and otherwise.

Initiating a company-sponsored wellness program benefits both the employer and employee. This is why companies are giving employees the tools they need to succeed at achieving better health.

Start a Take Your Lunch to Work Campaign

One wellness program to consider is a “take your lunch to work” campaign. The benefits of bringing your lunch to work are numerous. Not only will employees save money on the cost of eating out every day, they will save calories, too. Those who “brown bag” their lunch are able to control the ingredients they are eating and keep portion sizes modest.Hampton Kooler Bag

When you eat out, you may be tempted to order something fattening and you will probably also be served a gigantic portion – enough for two people – ensuring weight gain instead of weight loss. You may also opt for fast food when pressed for time – an even bigger threat to your health and body image.

Experts say that bringing your lunch to work can reduce your weekly lunch cost by 80 percent, with an annual savings of $2,000.

Use Personalized Lunch Bags as Employee Incentives

A good way to initiate a “bring your lunch to work” campaign is by incentivizing employees with personalized lunch bags and promotional cooler bags. These customized promotional bags have a large enough imprint area to include a company logo and campaign slogan. You might also include a flyer that explains the benefits of taking your lunch to work.

Custom lunch bags and promotional cooler bags come in a variety of different colors and price points, offering flexibility to fit any budget. Employees will appreciate receiving the attractively designed, logo’d promotional items and may indeed try them out!The Edge Cooler

Customized cooler bags are also great for summer, making the perfect accompaniment to a trip to the beach or pool. These outdoor activities encourage an active lifestyle. So the next time you plan a wellness campaign, don’t forget to order personalized lunch bags and promo cooler bags – your employees will thank you!

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