Workplace Wellness: Health Trends in 2018


Corporate wellness programs often translate to happier, healthier and more productive employees. While initial corporate initiatives used to focus only on reducing the rate of smoking and losing weight, today’s programs are ever-evolving as our understanding of workplace wellness continues to grow.

If you’re looking to engage your employees in a wellness program that truly makes an impact, consider implementing some of these wellness ideas in your workplace. The following wellness and fitness trends are poised to be front and center in 2018:

Mental Health


Wellness programs often neglect one of the most fundamental elements of happiness: mental health. Long stigmatized in the workplace, mental health has now blossomed into a major focus for corporations looking to alleviate employees’ stress and anxiety.

About 84% of corporate employees demonstrate psychological or physical symptoms of strained mental health. Help your staff access mental health services by financially providing for therapy and counseling in their healthcare plans. Consider allowing employees to take mental health days to reduce stress. Show appreciation while encouraging wellness by giving employees an exercise mat, hosting weekly meditation classes or mental health workshops in the office.

Wearable Fitness Tech


Health and wellness apps continue to dominate the corporate wellness sector. Incorporating the latest consumer tech into a wellness program makes sense in 2018. How else can you accurately track metrics and monitor progress?

For fitness programs that target weight-loss, a useful and inexpensive piece of wearable fitness tech is the step counter. A pedometer encourages employees to be more active and use their creativity to rack up more steps every day. Encourage your staff to get moving by outfitting your entire office with matching branded pedometers.

A Good Night’s Sleep


Lack of sleep takes a serious toll on the body and on anyone’s ability to be productive. A recent study concluded that sleep deprivation among the workforce costs the U.S. economy $411 billion per year. Expect to see more wellness programs encourage employees to try various methods of boosting their sleep quality.

While you can allow flexible hours to give night owls a reprieve, also consider creating a safe haven in your office where employees can take a quick nap when they are running out of steam. In your designated sleep nook, leave sleep masks, throw pillows, and plush blankets to facilitate a better recharge. As part of your wellness program, you can gift employees branded sleep masks to help them stay asleep longer at home.



The key to a successful corporate wellness program is to maximize participation, but some employees don’t want to put in the extra effort without an incentive. Gamifying fitness initiatives in the office has proven to be a highly effective method of increasing participation. Who doesn’t love receiving a reward for their effort? Expect to see this concept implemented in more corporations this year.

Reward employees that meet benchmark goals with recognition in the form of plaques or awards. Items such as water bottles, pedometers and mini ice packs also are great incentives that encourage wellness. You can also choose a prize for the top participant every quarter – just stay away from those candy gift baskets!


Make the most of your workplace wellness campaign by incorporating promotional products into your efforts. For more creative ideas, reach out to your HALO Account Executive.

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