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Promo BIC® Products

When choosing promotional desk supplies, it is often smart to select a retail name that people trust. Promo BIC products mirror what your customers see in stores. They are the pens, highlighters and sticky notepads that people use daily but with your logo near the trusted BIC logo.

Custom BIC pens are available in a variety of colors so you can complement your logo with a specific pen color or offer an assortment at your front desk so every customer will find one they like. Other promo BIC products, such as sticky notepads, often come with full color imprints available at no additional charge. This lets you print your brand message in the most attractive way at an affordable price. Browse all BIC promotional items below.

BIC Promotional Products

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BIC® Honor Silver Pen
Style Number: 4048-HRS  View Details
the Essentials BIC® Clic Stic®
Style Number: 4048-CS As low as $0.78 | SALE $0.53 View Details
the Essentials BIC® Grip Roller
Style Number: 4048-GR As low as $0.64 | SALE $0.96 View Details
BIC® Worthington® Chrome Roller Pen
Style Number: 4048-WCCR  View Details
BIC® WideBody® Full Color Grip Pen
Style Number: 4048-DCWBCG  View Details
BIC® Pencil Solids
Style Number: 4048-BPS  View Details
Bic® 20 Mil Medium Stock Shape Magnet
Style Number: 4048-MGSSM20  View Details
3" x 6" BIC® Scratch Pad - 25 Sheet
Style Number: 4048-NS3A6A25  View Details
2 3/4" x 3" BIC® Sticky Notepad - 25 Sheet
Style Number: 4048-P2M3A25  View Details
the Essentials Sticky Note Adhesive Pad 25 Sheet - 4"x3"
Style Number: 4048-P4A3A25 As low as $0.82 | SALE $0.43 View Details
BIC® 20 Mil Calendar Magnet
Style Number: 4048-MGCLL20  View Details
BIC® Rize Pen
Style Number: 4048-RZ  View Details
BIC® Lyric Pen
Style Number: 4048-LYRIC  View Details
BIC® Honor Grip Pen
Style Number: 4048-HRG  View Details
4" x 6" BIC® Scratch Pad - 25 Sheet
Style Number: 4048-NS4A6A25  View Details
BIC® Rize Stylus Pen
Style Number: 4048-RZSTY  View Details
BIC® Adhesive 25 Sheet Notepad - 5" x 3"
Style Number: 4048-P5A3A25  View Details
BIC® Emblem Pen
Style Number: 4048-EMBW  View Details
BIC® Image Grip Pen
Style Number: 4048-IMGG  View Details
the Essentials Sticky Note Adhesive Pad 50 Sheet - 4"x3"
Style Number: 4048-P4A3A50 As low as $1.32 | SALE $0.76 View Details
BIC®  3" x 3" Sticky Notepad - 50 Sheet
Style Number: 4048-P3A3A50  View Details
4" x 6" BIC® Sticky Notepad - 25 Sheet
Style Number: 4048-P4A6A25  View Details
BIC® Image Stylus Pen
Style Number: 4048-IMGSTY  View Details
BIC® Brite Liner® Grip Highlighter
Style Number: 4048-BLG  View Details
BIC® WideBody® Color Grip Pen
Style Number: 4048-CSWBCG  View Details
BIC® Adhesive 50 Sheet Notepad - 4" x 6"
Style Number: 4048-P4A6A50  View Details
BIC® Ecolutions®  Recycled 4" x 3" Sticky Notepad - 100 Sheet
Style Number: 4048-P4A3A100ECO  View Details
BIC® WideBody® Message Pen
Style Number: 4048-CSWBMES  View Details
BIC® 50 Sheet Non-Adhesive Scratch Pad - 6" x 9"
Style Number: 4048-NS6A9A50 As low as $1.81 View Details
BIC® WideBody® Full Color Message Pen
Style Number: 4048-DCWBMES  View Details
Result1-40 of 53

About BIC Promotional Products

Why Choose Brand Name Promo BIC Products?

BIC’s popularity resonates through its quality desk supplies, including custom BIC pens, pencils, highlighters and sticky notepads. Ensure your brand is associated with excellence when choosing BIC to represent your promotional product.

When it comes to BIC, one of the most popular product categories is pens. If you see a pen in retail, you can almost be certain we have it in promo, too. Custom BIC pens are an affordable way for you to associate your brand with one your customers already trust. Don’t stop at pens. BIC offers a number of other office supplies like notepads, highlighters and pencils. Stock your entire office or provide conference attendees with the tools for success – all from BIC.

Building trust is essential in developing loyal relationships with customers and is especially important if your organization is new or you are undergoing a rebranding. Brand name items like promo BIC products will help establish your company as trustworthy and one that stands by quality, dependable products.