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Budget Custom Desk & Pocket Calendars

If you’re on a budget but can’t afford to sacrifice quality and effectiveness, HALO’s selection of affordable custom desk calendars and pocket calendars are right for you. Whether your clients work at a desk most of the day, or they spend hours in their home office, a desk calendar is right there beside them giving easy access to your contact information.

Budget Custom Desk & Pocket Calendars

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Keyboard/Monitor Calendar - Horizontal
Style Number: 10878-31002 As low as $0.18 View Details
Keyboard/Monitor Calendar - Vertical
Style Number: 10878-31014 As low as $0.18 View Details
Laptop Calendar with Ultra-Removable Adhesive
Style Number: 10878-31003 As low as $0.26 View Details
Full Color Calendar Magnet - 4" x 3 1/2"
Style Number: 10878-31008 As low as $0.55 View Details
Full Color Vertical Calendar Magnet - 4" x 7"
Style Number: 10878-31007 As low as $0.75 View Details
Removable Adhesive Note Pad
Style Number: 10878-31041 As low as $0.98 View Details
Legacy Desk Calendar
Style Number: 10878-30102 As low as $1.00 View Details
Paper Cover Pocket Planner - Round Corner
Style Number: 10878-10802R As low as $1.05 View Details
Paper Cover Pocket Planner - Square Corner
Style Number: 10878-10802S As low as $1.13 View Details
Deluxe Cover Pocket Planner - Round Corners
Style Number: 10878-10803R As low as $1.48 View Details
Deluxe Cover Pocket Planner - Square Corners
Style Number: 10878-10803S As low as $1.55 View Details
America's Beauty Desk Calendar
Style Number: 10878-30101 As low as $1.56 View Details
Memo Desk Calendar
Style Number: 10878-30108 As low as $1.74 View Details
Real Estate Desk Calendar
Style Number: 10878-38101 As low as $2.30 View Details
Classic Weekly Pocket Planner
Style Number: 10878-30122 As low as $2.47 View Details
Pocket Planner - Vinyl Cover Calendar
Style Number: 10878-10812 As low as $2.56 View Details
Currier & Ives Desk Calendar
Style Number: 10878-10270 As low as $2.78 View Details
Calendar Cube
Style Number: 10878-31045 As low as $6.00 View Details
Result1-18 of 18

About Budget Custom Desk & Pocket Calendars

It’s in the bag, literally and figuratively. When your clients are always on-the-go, there is no calendar handier than a custom pocket calendar. They’ll carry your brand and contact information wherever they go.

Starting at a little more than a dollar per piece, the Paper Cover Pocket Planner makes sure staying on-budget and delivering a high impact promotional markeitng plan is in the bag. The convenient size makes toting this everyday essential easy to carry in their pocket or purse.

Did you know, 84% of businesses and 78% of households report that their calendar is “important to extremely important?” That is an opportunity for you to promote your brand on a calendar that's used day in and out.

Budget custom desk calendars and pocket planners are perfect for desktop display especially in smaller office spaces. They’re compact so they can be carried in a purse, pocket or briefcase offering versatility that adds value.

America’s Beauty Desk Calendar features scenes from across America pictured on every month. These desk calendars claim just enough desktop real estate to showcase your message without cluttering their work space. Your silver foil stamped logo delivers yearlong brand exposure that shines. Affordable custom desk calendars offer high functional value at a low price to give you a premium branding opprotunity.

Some of the most popular industries for budget desk and pocket calendars include: Banks, transportation, personnel services, real estate, moving companies, financial, freight, engineering, machinery, corporate offices, accounting & tax, electronics, professionals, tool & die, rehabilitation centers, construction, suppliers, computer/technology and funeral homes.