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Budget Custom Stick-On Calendars

This is a stick up. No, not that kind of a stick up. But at prices like this, our custom stick-on calendars are a steal. Custom stick-up calendars are available at less than a dollar per piece, making these mini press-n-stick calendars one of the most popular styles in the industry.

Budget Custom Stick-On Calendars

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Add-A-Card Calendar - Decal
Style Number: 10878-31038 As low as $0.43 View Details
Press-N-Stick Calendar - Standard Pad
Style Number: 10878-35601 As low as $0.47 | SALE $0.44 View Details
Press-N-Stick Calendar - Contemporary Pad
Style Number: 10878-35602 As low as $0.47 | SALE $0.44 View Details
Add-A-Card Calendar - Magnet
Style Number: 10878-31039 As low as $0.48 View Details
BIC® 20 Mil Calendar Magnet
Style Number: 4048-MGCLL20 As low as $0.48 View Details
Full Color Calendar Magnet - 4" x 3 1/2"
Style Number: 10878-31008 As low as $0.53 View Details
Press-N-Stick Calendar - 3 Month Pad
Style Number: 10878-35604 As low as $0.64 | SALE $0.59 View Details
Full Color Stick Up - English
Style Number: 10878-30190 As low as $0.67 | SALE $0.60 View Details
Full Color Stick Up - Spanish
Style Number: 10878-30191 As low as $0.67 | SALE $0.60 View Details
Cowhands Stick-up Calendar
Style Number: 10878-10860 As low as $0.78 | SALE $0.70 View Details
Full Color Vertical Calendar Magnet - 4" x 7"
Style Number: 10878-31007 As low as $0.73 View Details
3-Month Calendar Pad Decal
Style Number: 10878-31040 As low as $0.80 View Details
Full Color Dry Erase Calendar Decal - 8" x 11"
Style Number: 10878-31036 As low as $1.67 View Details
Result1-13 of 13

About Budget Custom Stick-On Calendars

Press-n-stick adhesive backing makes displaying your message easy. Stick them on your file cabinet, stick them on your dashboard, stick them on the side of a cabinet or refrigerator…These custom stick-on calendars are great for any business working with a tight promotional budget. They're versatile, fun and still very functional.

Don’t let their little size fool you – these are one of the most popular calendars in the industry. These calendars act like a mini-billboard sign anywhere they hang. We hear all the time that the recipients of these calendars are anxious to receive a new one every year, so you know your clients and prospects will be aware of and grateful for your company’s custom stick-on calendars year after year.  

These budget-friendly mini calendars are popularly used among a variety of businesses including: restaurants, laundry/cleaners, donut shops, dance instructors, veterinarians, delis, music stores, vacuum cleaner shops, beauty shops & spas, pet shops, bar & grill, supermarkets, party stores, appliance stores, pet groomers, homer services, natural foods, craft shops, gifts shops and more.

With a low price point and a little size, these custom stick-up calendars also make perfect trade show giveaways. Who would think such a great item in a little package would make such a powerful impact!