Calendars Provide Promotional Value

Promotional calendars come in many styles, including desk calendars, wall calendars, self-adhesive calendars, and Planners and Diaries.

Calendars are the least expensive and most powerful promotional medium to get your message across to a large audience.


  • Calendars offer the lowest cost per advertisement viewing while directly targeting your marketplace.
  • Less than half a penny per ad exposure
  • Careful targeting, clear messaging and long-term visibility make these advertising tools the high-impact low-cost alternative to other media.


  • Calendars are seen multiple times a day, every day of the year.
  • On average, a person looks at a calendar 12 times a day, 84 times a week. After 365 days, your brand will leave a definite impression, 4,380 times!


  • 94% of business people can recall the advertising message on the calendars they use.
  • Business people use 2.5 calendars on average


  • 83% of customers purchase products or services from the advertiser who supplied them with a calendar, while 78% did business with the advertiser before receiving the calendar.
  • 76% of respondents have a more favorable attitude towards the company that gives them the promotional product


  • Calendars have an emotive response connected directly to your brand.

Source: Georgia Southern University

Promotional Calendars

Promotional Calendars

Promotional Calendars

Promotional Calendars