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Advance your political campaign with HALO’s quality promotional products. Showcase your campaign message, keeping your name and what you stand for in the public eye every day. From your campaign team to those you are trying to reach, make your political platform stand out from the rest with full color imprints on fun and useful promotional campaign items.

No campaign is complete without political bumper stickers, campaign signs, eye-catching campaign buttons, balloons and stickers. Whether running an event or talking to people on the street, we have what you need to help boost name recognition wherever your campaign journey takes you. The promotional possibilities for your political campaign are numerous. Need help deciding what to choose for your next campaign giveaway or event? Contact your HALO Account Executive, who will assist you in selecting the perfect items that will visually motivate and meet your budget.

Promotional Campaign Buttons & Signs

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Value Latex Balloons Basic Colors - 9"
Style Number: 22382-09RAB As low as $0.14View Details 
Premium Qualatex® Round Latex Balloons Standard Colors - 9"
Style Number: 22382-09RIS As low as $0.14View Details 
Small Round Decal - 2"
Style Number: 5695-1821D As low as $0.17View Details 
Square Paperboard Coaster - 3 3/4" x 3 3/4"
Style Number: 5695-832 As low as $0.17View Details 
Political Emery Board
Style Number: 3404-5141 As low as $0.28View Details 
Round Button with Safety Pin Back - 3"diam.
Style Number: 6639-00113 As low as $0.34View Details 
Rectangle Button with Square Corners & Safety Pin Back - 2" x 3"
Style Number: 6639-08550 As low as $0.38View Details 
Square Button with Safety Pin Back - 2" x 2"
Style Number: 6639-00548 As low as $0.50View Details 
Handheld Poster Rally Sign - 22" x 14"
Style Number: 5695-197 As low as $1.01View Details 
White Felt Pennant Flag with 1" Sewn Strip - 8" x 18"
Style Number: 6639-06275 As low as $1.16View Details 
The Old Farmers AlmanacĀ® Weather Watchers Calendar - Stapled
Style Number: 10350-OF56WE1 As low as $1.38View Details 
Black Ox Finish Die Struck Pin - Flags
Style Number: 6639-00138FL As low as $1.48View Details 
Hand Sanitizer with Clip - 1 oz
Style Number: 9021-HL-313 As low as $1.85View Details 
Double-Sided Yard Sign - 23" x 14 1/2"
Style Number: 5695-150 As low as $1.92View Details 
Square Foil Balloon -22"
Style Number: 55675-MYR22 As low as $2.29View Details 
Double-Sided Yard Sign - 34 1/2" x 21"
Style Number: 5695-190 As low as $3.40View Details 
Oval Roll Label Stickers - 1"W x 1/2"H
Style Number: 5695-3020 As low as $14.17View Details 
Vinyl Banner with 4 Grommets - 3' x 2'
Style Number: 5695-1060 As low as $17.07View Details 
Square Roll Label Stickers - 2" x 2"
Style Number: 5695-3126 As low as $24.20View Details 
Die Cut Circle Roll Label - 2 1/2"
Style Number: 5695-3154 As low as $32.69View Details 
Round Pinked Edge Embossed Foil Roll Seal - 2"
Style Number: 5695-3989 As low as $56.49View Details 
Vinyl Banner with 6 Grommets - 6' x 4'
Style Number: 5695-1065 As low as $63.47View Details 
Videometry Video Brochure
Style Number: 103890-VIDEOMETRY As low as $93.33View Details 
Result1-23 of 23

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