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Choosing Custom Mouse Pads for Your Business

Most Popular Personalized Mouse Pad Size - 8” x 7”

The 7” x 8” is the most popular mouse pad size in any of the available thicknesses.


Custom mouse pads are available in three sizes: 1/4”, 1/8”, 1/16”. There’s a general assumption that the thicker the mouse
pad the higher the quality. In reality the only difference between a 1/4" mouse pad and thinner mouse pads is the thickness of rubber backing. This has no effect on pad quality or durability. Thickness determines the cost and weight — two important considerations when buying promotional mouse pads.

1/4" Mouse Pads

They are the thickest available and the most popular. Because of their popularity these thicker mouse pads tend to carry a higher perceived value — meaning you’re not necessarily getting more for you money, but you’re giving a promotional product that recipients are sure to appreciate.

1/8” Mouse Pads

The middle ground in mouse pads — they’re just as valuable and functional as their thicker counterpart, but just a little slimmer and marginally more cost-effective.

Full Color Hard Surface Mouse Pad - 9 1/2" x 8" x 1/8"

Product Style # 9829-2034

1/16” Mouse Pads

The thinnest, least expensive to purchase and the least expensive to ship if you choose to do a direct mail piece — a 1/16” mouse pad weighs about 25% of the same size 1/4" thick mouse pad. That’s a 75% savings in shipping costs.

Custom Mouse Pad Materials

If using an optical mouse or a laser mouse — what most people use today, you are free to choose from either hard surface or soft surface mouse pads. Choosing hard or soft surface mouse pads is mainly focused on personnel preference, but if your recipients will likely use your personalized mouse pad for gaming hard surface mouse pads are generally preferred for their ability to provide greater precision for quick, exact movements.

Hard Surface Mouse Pads

Most have a rubber backing and a smooth plastic surface. Hard mouse pads are generally more budget-friendly. They are also preferred by those using laser mice.

Soft Surface Mouse Pads

They feature a padded backing made of either rubber or foam and a fabric top. Previously preferred by the old ball mouse because the textured surface help the ball glide across the surface, but the soft mouse pad also works well with today’s mouse of choice, the optical mouse.


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