HALO Co-Op Calendar Programs

With over 60 years experience as a leader in the promotional products industry,
HALO Branded Solutions is your ideal co-op calendar partner.

We specialize in co-op programs for regional and national associations and manufacture a
proprietary line of themed promotional calendars, some of which are designed specifically with
your members in mind.

Creating a co-op calendar program is easy!

  • Together we will select the best calendar themes for your members
  • HALO will design a marketing piece and order form to distribute to all members.
    We will send it on your behalf, or you can send it if you prefer
  • HALO will collect the all orders by a pre-determined order deadline
  • HALO will send reports to you with information on the members who have purchased
    and their quantities
  • HALO will manufacture and deliver each member’s order with the association logo
    and member imprint clearly positioned

Co-Op Calendar Examples

Why Co-Op Calendars?

  • Calendars are still the most sought after promotional marketing tool
  • Many of your members already buy promotional calendars, and you can save them money
  • This benefit is a win / win for you and your members at no cost to you 
  • We do all the work, and just need your assistance to help market the program

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