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Construction Promotional Items

Whether you want to advertise your construction business or promote safety to your crew, construction promotional items can help you get your message across. Look for items with hard hat or safety cone themes to help your item stick out among the competition. Why go for a generic stress ball when you can advertise with a promotional hard hat shaped stress reliever?

These items are great for contractor advertising, too. Print your name, phone number and email address on giveaways for home shows and other events. If you practice a trade, ask your HALO Account Executive about items that emphasize your specialty.

Construction Promotional Items

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World’s Best Multi-Tool
Style Number: 4629-TS3102 As low as $7.99View Details 
Vinyl Hard Hat Decal - Octagon - 1 3/4"W x1 3/4"H
Style Number: 5695-142 As low as $0.09View Details 
Round Vinyl Hard Hat Decal - 2"
Style Number: 5695-141 As low as $0.09View Details 
Diamond Hard Hat Decal - 2 1/4" x 2 1/4"
Style Number: 5695-132 As low as $0.11View Details 
Medium American Flag Post-it&Notepad - 25 Sheet
Style Number: 9124-DC63G225 As low as $0.52View Details 
Safety Smilez Pen
Style Number: 3027-55058 As low as $0.63View Details 
Earplugs in Square Case
Style Number: 2849-PC401 As low as $0.65View Details 
Large House Post-it® Notepad - 25 Sheet
Style Number: 9124-DC119G3252 As low as $0.76View Details 
Medium American Flag Post-it® Notepad - 50 Sheet
Style Number: 9124-DC63G250 As low as $0.80View Details 
Hard Hat Stress Reliever
Style Number: 7953-PL-0422 As low as $0.99View Details 
Construction Cone Stress Reliever
Style Number: 7953-PL-0423 As low as $1.12View Details 
Large House Post-it®Notepad - 50 Sheet
Style Number: 9124-DC119G3502 As low as $1.13View Details 
Light Up Safety Cone Key Tag
Style Number: 6219-977 As low as $1.23View Details 
2-In-1 Marker and Cutter
Style Number: 3404-2009 As low as $1.32View Details 
Multi-Tool Tape Measure with Level
Style Number: 6115-7353 As low as $1.69View Details 
Torpedo Level - 9"
Style Number: 106850-T76L As low as $2.41View Details 
3-in-1 Multi-Tool
Style Number: 6115-5554 As low as $2.99View Details 
Round Truck Sign & Equipment Decal - 10" diam.
Style Number: 5695-101 As low as $3.57View Details 
Mini Gummy Bears in Paint Can
Style Number: 71685-PCSM-GBM As low as $3.59View Details 
Toddy ICE Cooling Wrap - 6" x 21"
Style Number: 103941-ICEI701 As low as $4.15View Details 
Oval Truck Sign & Equipment Decal with Rectangle Bottom - 12 1/2" x 8 1/4"
Style Number: 5695-105 As low as $4.38View Details 
Locking Tape Measure - 25'
Style Number: 106850-T23LT As low as $4.41View Details 
Tape Measure - 25'
Style Number: 5410-437 As low as $4.43View Details 
Headliner Wall Planner
Style Number: 10878-10859 As low as $4.66 | SALE $4.48View Details 
Pyramex™ Ztek Safety Glasses
Style Number: 5410-ZTEK As low as $5.05View Details 
Toddy ICE Cooling Wrap - 12" x 32"
Style Number: 103941-ICEI702 As low as $6.95View Details 
Stainless Canteen Bottle - 18 oz
Style Number: 66887-1622-34 As low as $6.98View Details 
Carhartt® Billings Safety Glasses
Style Number: 5410-3730 As low as $8.13 | SALE $7.13View Details 
Toddy ICE Cooling Active Band
Style Number: 103941-ICEI705 As low as $7.95View Details 
Reflective Safety Vest
Style Number: 103415-50043 As low as $13.73View Details 
Economy Mesh Saftey Vest with Black Bottom
Style Number: 5357-S363PB View Details 
Large Folding Tool Set
Style Number: 103415-65193 As low as $19.19View Details 
Tenfour External Battery Pack
Style Number: 103890-TENFOUR As low as $36.67View Details 
Carhartt® Signature Tool Bag - 14"
Style Number: 66887-1889-01 As low as $52.98View Details 
Mission Pack
Style Number: 103890-MISSIONPACK As low as $55.00View Details 
Shockwave Bluetooth Speaker & Power Bank
Style Number: 103890-SHOCKWAVE As low as $55.00View Details 
Wrapsody Bluetooth Headphones
Style Number: 103890-WRAPSODY As low as $91.67View Details 
Result1-37 of 37

About Construction Promotional Items

Types of Construction Promotional Items

When shopping construction promotional items, always keep your target audience in mind. HALO's selection of logo construction products include items that would be appreciated by non-construction and construction workers alike.

If you're promoting safety or some other corporate message to your internal crew, consider using promotional items that they will use on the job. Look for safety glasses, ear plugs and vests, pocket tape measures, carpenter pencils, levels and multi-tools. Not all internal promotional items need to be used on the field. Remember to consider lunch coolers and stainless steel water bottles, too.

For office staff and external promotions, look for construction-themed items that aren't necessarily made for use in the field. These would be things like hard hat shaped stress relievers and candies, excavator shaped magnets and key chains, and other small giveaway items. Budget-friendly promos are ideal for contractor advertising. Get your name out to new homeowners and DIY enthusiasts at large events, and the next time they start a big project, they will have your contact information handy.