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Great people deliver great results.
HALOs culture encourages exceptionalism in the workplace, the community and across the globe.
Culture Family


At HALO, we love what we do, what we sell, and the people that purchase our products. Our casual work environment fosters fun while focusing on the tight-deadlines, budget pressure and creative needs we know each of our clients requires.

We "walk the walk", creating employee morale with the liberal use of fun and creative promotional products. Every employee participates in sales contests and reaps the rewards of our continuous improvement efforts.

HALO has been named one of the top companies to work for in the promotional products industry. We work hard to ensure the satisfaction of our support team because we know that satisfaction flows through to our clients around the country. You will love doing business with the great people at HALO Branded Solutions, and if you need proof, follow us on Facebook!


HALO's Continuous Improvement Council consists of departmental volunteers that focus on initiatives to enhance HALO's efficiency, effectiveness and corporate culture. This rotating council is modeled after LEAN manufacturing methods which call for the people on the front line of the work to play a key role in identifying and addressing opportunities for improvement. In addition to driving value to the organization, Council members see personal growth opportunities and mentorship as part of their participation. First hand exposure to corporate governance, budgeting and public speaking are examples of opportunities committee chairs in particular receive that they may otherwise not see as part of their normal duties. All HALO employees are encouraged to submit suggestions and are rewarded for ideas that are implemented and prove to add value to the HALO client experience.

Our selling community created "HALO Shares" as a structured forum to train each HALO Account Executive on product and market trends, client satisfaction strategies and personal support.

Many employees choose to participate in HALO Cares, an initiative led by staff that generates funds for causes like the American Cancer Society, United Way, Salvation Army and countless local organizations supporting children and other not-for profit agencies. HALO's National Relay for Life Corporate Team continues to raise the bar each year on donations to this very important cause.

Culture Family