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Corporate Promotional Gifts

Show you care by thanking valued employees and clients with corporate promotional items. Choose from our wide selection of corporate promotional gifts for the perfect way to express your appreciation now and into the future. From umbrellas, cell phone holders and a variety of bags, to executive gift sets and sweet treats; HALO’s corporate promotional items has something in every price range for every occasion.

Your employees work hard for you. A corporate promotional gift with your full color logo will add a personal touch they will value. While showing your gratitude, your employees will also be displaying company pride. Go the extra mile for them- they will appreciate it!

Looking for the perfect corporate promotional item for your next gift or giveaway? The options are endless! We are here to help.

Corporate Promotional Items

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Jabba Bluetooth Speaker
Style Number: 66887-7199-32 As low as $15.98 View Details
Andrew Philips™ Canvas and Leather Relaxed Carry All Bag
Style Number: 9363-AP3710 As low as $87.99 View Details
Single Wine Bottle Bag
Style Number: 3027-59110 As low as $1.45 View Details
Shatterproof Ornament - USA Made - Flat
Style Number: 55675-ORNT-USA-F As low as $1.49 View Details
Cell Phone Card Holder with Packaging
Style Number: 6219-6205 As low as $1.58 View Details
Metro Eco-Friendly Shopper Tote Bag
Style Number: 7953-LT-3735 As low as $1.89 View Details
Traditional Glass Ornament - 3 1/4"
Style Number: 55675-ORNT-TG As low as $2.76 View Details
Printed Tube Packed Earbuds
Style Number: 8360-EARBUDTB-P As low as $3.40 View Details
Encore Convention Tote
Style Number: 5607-1540 As low as $3.79 View Details
Full Color Mug – 15 Oz.
Style Number: 6115-7198 As low as $3.99 View Details
Executive Luggage Tag
Style Number: 6115-7525 As low as $3.99 View Details
Vettore I Single Pen Case
Style Number: 1165-GB051 As low as $4.15 View Details
Aspen Stainless Travel Mug - 15 oz
Style Number: 6489-ASPEN As low as $4.19 View Details
Hand Blown Glass Ornament
Style Number: 55675-ORNT-G As low as $4.38 View Details
Matra Pocket Upright Weekly Planner
Style Number: 113656-75504 As low as $4.98 View Details
Executive Bound JournalBook™
Style Number: 66887-2700-52 As low as $5.48 View Details
Executive Large Bound JournalBook™
Style Number: 66887-2700-53 As low as $6.88 View Details
Matra Mid-Size Weekly Planner
Style Number: 113656-76504 As low as $7.22 View Details
Tucson Pocket Upright Weekly Planner
Style Number: 113656-75525 As low as $7.38 View Details
Zippered Neoprene Lunch Bag
Style Number: 6489-EASYCARRY As low as $7.39 View Details
Tucson Lined Journal - Small
Style Number: 113656-Q2125 As low as $7.76 View Details
Venezia™ Journal
Style Number: 7953-LG-9257 As low as $8.19 View Details
FranklinCovey® Freemont Ballpoint Pen
Style Number: 4752-FC0032 As low as $8.24 View Details
Tucson Lined Journal - Medium
Style Number: 113656-67625 As low as $8.32 View Details
Samsonite® Luggage Tag
Style Number: 5607-95050 As low as $8.99 View Details
Tucson Mid-Size Weekly Planner
Style Number: 113656-76525 As low as $9.10 View Details
Tahoe Lined Journal - Medium
Style Number: 113656-6766Y As low as $9.10 View Details
Tucson Lined Journal with Pen Loop - Medium
Style Number: 113656-67625L As low as $9.15 View Details
Tucson Flex Lined Journal - Medium
Style Number: 113656-Q246I As low as $9.98 View Details
Paros Lined Journal - Medium
Style Number: 113656-Q24G2 As low as $10.17 View Details
Pedova Travel Wallet
Style Number: 66887-3350-51 As low as $10.18 View Details
Vicenza Large Bound JournalBook™
Style Number: 66887-2700-63 As low as $11.48 View Details
Tuscany™ Journal
Style Number: 7953-LG-9221 As low as $11.56 View Details
Cuir Flexible Lined Journal - Medium
Style Number: 113656-Q246Z As low as $11.77 View Details
Reserve Wine Kit
Style Number: 5607-3620 As low as $11.99 View Details
Glenwood Leather Wallet
Style Number: 5607-8468 As low as $11.99 View Details
Tucson Cube Notes
Style Number: 113656-75025 As low as $12.20 View Details
Color Pop Bound JournalBook™ Bundle Set
Style Number: 66887-7200-98 As low as $12.28 View Details
Multifunction Desk Clock and Organizer
Style Number: 1165-EC3305 As low as $12.99 View Details
Tucson Weekly/Monthly Tabbed Planner
Style Number: 113656-77425 As low as $13.70 View Details
Result1-40 of 147

About Corporate Promotional Items

Adding your logo to corporate promotional products will showcase your brand to people who may not know your company. Whether it’s a desk item or a handy bag, a promotional item carrying your brand will deliver awareness on a daily basis.

Think strategically. Consider corporate promotional items when you go to campus events or job fairs. Potential employees receive numerous business cards and pamphlets. Make your brand stand out from the crowd!

Does your office need a morale boost? HALO corporate promotional items can help! Everyone needs to feel valued. When you give useful products, your staff will recognize the thought you’ve put into it. Before a new employee starts working, send a welcome bag before their first day. It will help them feel like part of the family. Foster a sense of unity and office camaraderie by proudly displaying your brand on a variety of desk accessories.

Corporate promotional items are able to make new employees feel like family, current employees feel valued and past employees a sense of remembrance of their time with your company. Ask your HALO Account Executive which corporate promotional products will serve you and your team best.