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Custom Promotional Event Tents

Create a tailored space unique to your brand with a custom event tent. HALO’s event tents and promotional canopies help your brand get noticed from afar, whether inside or outside.

Custom indoor event tents are ideal for trade shows and conventions. Complement the signage and other promotional items in your booth with a full color tent to create the ideal brand oasis. At outdoor events like golf outings, festivals and marathons, your custom tent can provide welcome shade an shelter for your staff while increasing brand awareness. 

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How to Choose Custom Canopies and Event Tents


When choosing a custom canopy or trade show tent for your event, there are a few things to consider before making a purchase.

1. Decoration – At the very least, your event tent should match your brand colors, but why stop there? Custom canopies today can be decorated with full color images so your tent can match the rest of your marketing materials. Ask about special printing techniques that may aid in preventing weather damage such as UV printing.

2. Base – How will your tent stay up? If you need a tent for an outdoor event, look for stakes that push into the ground for a stable solution that will withstand wind. For indoor events, look for weighted bases that offer extra stability for carpet or hard flooring.

3. Space – Your tent needs to fit in the booth space you are allotted at the event, but that space shouldn’t determine the final tent size. Consider how you will use the tent; will there be many employees taking orders at a trade show or just a couple people manning a water station at a run? You want a tent that is large enough so your staff can move comfortably but not too large that it looks empty.

Discuss your custom canopy and trade show tent options with your HALO Account Executive. They’ll help you find something perfect for your event lineup.