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Promotional Wellness & Cold Prevention Items

Whether it’s the sniffles, a full-blown cold or flu, no one likes getting sick. Show your clients and employees you care by investing in a company wellness program. With a multitude of promotional wellness and cold prevention items to choose from, HALO makes it easy to encourage wellness in the workplace and combat the spread of germs.

From promotional hand sanitizers and custom tissue boxes to custom cold and flu kits, you can outfit your staff with wellness tools they need to stay healthy. Enhance the reach of your brand by offering clients protective lip balm with a clip displaying your logo. Encourage cold prevention by placing promotional mini canisters of antibacterial wipes around the work area.

Need help deciding what to choose for your wellness campaign? Contact your HALO Account Executive, who will assist you in selecting the perfect items that will help keep your employees and clients healthy.

Promotional Wellness & Cold Prevention Items

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Coloring Book - Let’s Go to the Doctor
Style Number: 5410-CB1002 As low as $0.51 View Details
Pocket Slider - Good Nutrition
Style Number: 5410-PS2113 As low as $0.59 View Details
Pocket Slider - Good Nutrition (Spanish)
Style Number: 5410-PS2113S As low as $0.59 View Details
Cherry Lip Balm
Style Number: 12152-302 As low as $0.60 View Details
Disposable Tissue Packet
Style Number: 7953-PC185 As low as $0.61 View Details
Round Pill Holder
Style Number: 6115-7540 As low as $0.69 View Details
All-Natural Non-SPF Lip Balm
Style Number: 9021-HL-N600 As low as $0.72 View Details
Lip Balm - SPF 15
Style Number: 9021-HL-335 As low as $0.75 View Details
Personal Medication List Organizer
Style Number: 7224-825 As low as $1.25 View Details
All Natural Non-SPF Lip Balm with Clip
Style Number: 9021-HL-N300 As low as $1.58 View Details
Mini Canister of Antibacterial Wipes
Style Number: 7953-PL-1803 As low as $1.65 View Details
All Natural Lip Balm with Neoprene Clip
Style Number: 9021-HL-N330 As low as $1.78 View Details
Lip Balm with Clip
Style Number: 9021-HL-330 As low as $1.88 View Details
Can of Antibacterial Wipes
Style Number: 7953-PL-1802 As low as $2.12 View Details
Antibacterial Wet Wipes with Resealable Pouch
Style Number: 7953-PL-1801 As low as $2.84 View Details
Digital Thermometer
Style Number: 7953-PL-1815 As low as $5.49 View Details
Fleece Travel Blanket
Style Number: 6115-7012 As low as $7.99 View Details
Sweatshirt Roll-Up Blanket
Style Number: 6115-7027 As low as $10.25 View Details
Fleece Stadium Blanket
Style Number: 6115-7018 As low as $10.99 View Details
Chenille Blanket
Style Number: 6115-7029 As low as $11.99 View Details
Sweatshirt Blanket
Style Number: 112808-40246 As low as $22.80 View Details
Result1-21 of 21

About Promotional Wellness & Cold Prevention Items

Promotional Wellness & Cold Prevention

Place your organization on the front lines of cold and flu prevention while expanding your brand reach. Promoting wellness shows your employees and clients you take a genuine interest in their health now and into the future.

Have a lobby or waiting room? Whether in a healthcare setting or corporate office, add your brand message to wellness items for these areas. Customize coloring books for the kids, keeping their little hands busy as they wait. Adults will appreciate strategically placed pump bottles of antimicrobial hand sanitizer. Your logo front and center keeps your brand on their mind.

Clients will welcome promotional wellness items as thoughtful gifts. Your custom logo will stand out on our fleece travel blankets or embroidered sweatshirt blanket, perfect for a picnic or at the football stadium. How about putting together your own custom wellness kit? Add a promotional digital thermometer, collapsible hand sanitizer, disposable tissue packet to one of HALO’s promotional bags. You have an instant wellness gift that will boost brand recognition.

Whether promoting health and wellness in the workplace or showing clients you care with cold prevention products, our HALO Account Executives will help you find budget-friendly, creative ideas for your next campaign.