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Custom Workwear

Branded work clothes give your company an opportunity to ensure you have a cohesive look among employees. HALO’s selection of work clothes includes everything from embroidered work shirts to branded gloves and aprons. You’ll find something for a variety of industries. HALO has scrub tops and bottoms for doctors, nurses, dentists, veterinarians and any other health care professional. In construction or maintenance? Ask your HALO Account Executive about safety vests and shirts with reflective materials. Chefs, bakers and restauranteurs, HALO has a variety of aprons to fit your needs.

Many of these items can be personalized, too. So in addition to your company logo, you can add your employees’ names and positions. 

Custom Work Shirts

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3 Pocket Waist Apron
Style Number: 34256-AIO-BGAP1 As low as $5.26View Details 
Cotton Twill Cap with Triple-Layer Mesh
Style Number: 20275-I-6035 As low as $6.98View Details 
Rounded 2 Pocket Apron - Short
Style Number: 34256-AIO-BGAP3 As low as $7.69View Details 
Rounded 2 Pocket Apron - Long
Style Number: 34256-AIO-BGAP5 As low as $8.25View Details 
Butcher Style 2 Pocket Apron
Style Number: 34256-AIO-BGAP2 As low as $9.37View Details 
Rounded 3 Pocket Apron with Adjustable Neck Strap
Style Number: 34256-AIO-BGAP7 As low as $9.98View Details 
Blue Mechanics Gloves
Style Number: 8932-WG01 As low as $13.99View Details 
Yellow Mechanics Gloves - Large
Style Number: 8932-WG03 As low as $14.99View Details 
Port Authority Mesh Safety Vest
Style Number: 20772-SV02 View Details 
Cornerstone® Reversible V-Neck Scrub Top
Style Number: 20772-CS501 View Details 
Cornerstone® Safety T-Shirt
Style Number: 20772-CS401 View Details 
Cornerstone® Reversible Scrub Pants
Style Number: 20772-CS502 View Details 
Anti Vibration Mechanics Gloves - X-Large
Style Number: 8932-WG06 As low as $20.59View Details 
Cow Grain Mechanics Glove - X-Large
Style Number: 8932-WG04 As low as $20.89View Details 
Port Authority Safety Vest
Style Number: 20772-SV01 View Details 
Cornerstone® Mesh Back Safety Vest
Style Number: 20772-CSV405 View Details 
Cornerstone® Safety Vest
Style Number: 20772-CSV400 View Details 
Thinsulate Mechanics Glove - Large
Style Number: 8932-WG05 As low as $26.89View Details 
Cornerstone® Elastic Insert Pants
Style Number: 20772-PT60 View Details 
Cornerstone® Slash Pocket Jacket
Style Number: 20772-CSJT22 View Details 
Cornerstone® Safety Windbreaker
Style Number: 20772-CSJ25 View Details 
DRI DUCK Guide Performance Poplin Shirt
Style Number: 20625-4357 View Details 
Safety Challenger Jacket
Style Number: 20772-J754S View Details 
Cornerstone® Safety Waterproof Parka
Style Number: 20772-CSJ24 View Details 
Result1-36 of 36

About Custom Work Shirts

Purchasing Branded Work Clothes

Industrial work wear is designed in rugged, durable fabrics that stand up to tough jobs and laundering. It’s not unusual for custom work shirts to be made of the toughest materials and advanced stay-clean technology so they last through numerous industrial washes.

Some work wear, like safety styles need to conform to strict industry specific standards in order to be used on the job. For example, construction and utility workers could use high-visibility, waterproof windbreakers during inclement weather. Ask your HALO Account Executive for branded work clothes that meet industry certifications to keep your employees safe on the job.

In addition to being safe, you want to ensure that every employee is set up for success. If looking for mechanics gloves, for instance, ask your HALO Account Executive about sizing options that will fit every employee whether they have big hands or small ones.  The right fit can increase comfort and productivity.

Consider how your employees will really use your work gear, too. If you’re shopping for aprons, remember to think about shape and pocket size. A hair stylist would require different types of pockets than a chef.

When in doubt, consult your HALO Account Executive. They’ll help you find the work wear your employees need to succeed.