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  • The Ace Hardware Foundation has worked with HALO for more than 10 years. HALO has always been a great resource for our promotional product needs. Their commitment to quality and timeliness is uncompromising. Our hope is that HALO and their sales team will continue to be a valued partner for the Ace Foundation for years to come.

    Ace Hardware Foundation

  • HALO's solutions are unique. Our Account Executive doesn't just provide us with products, he provides us with concepts that provide a complete solution for every project. Everything runs smoothly and HALO keeps us in the loop from start to finish with no gaps in communication.

    Wildwell Control

  • HALO Branded Solutions has been a fantastic partner. Not only are they quick to respond, but their attention to detail and ability to offer creative solutions is unmatched. They are my first and only call when I have any promotional needs. I've used other vendors in the past, but HALO has been the only one who consistently delivers.

    National Theme Park

  • HALO's team approach to problem solving was refreshing. Whether it was marketing material or product selection, they seemed to have an expert for anything we needed to make our program a success.

    Raynor, Inc.

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Custom Fire Prevention Products

Only you — can raise awareness for fire prevention. Protect families and provide resources for those at risk to reduce deaths and injuries caused my fires. Custom fire prevention products are great for kids and adults. Announce your theme, educate and reward participation with our promotional fire prevention products.

Custom Fire Prevention Products

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Best Seller The Refresher - Colors - 20 oz
Style Number: 5599-WB20C As low as $0.99 | SALE $0.78View Details 
Fireman Coloring Book - Our Friend the Firefighter
Style Number: 7436-PHC-207 As low as $0.48View Details 
Police & Fire Coloring Book - 911
Style Number: 7436-NCCB-605R As low as $0.48View Details 
Safety Plug – House Shape
Style Number: 5404-MI4010 As low as $0.33View Details 
Neon Night Light – House Shape
Style Number: 5404-MI2030 As low as $2.53View Details 
Micro 3 LED Torch Key Holder
Style Number: 7953-PL-3873 As low as $1.99View Details 
Soybean Oil Crayons Panda Box - 4 Pack
Style Number: 3027-01150 As low as $0.59View Details 
Mood Pencil
Style Number: 3027-20550 As low as $0.37 | SALE $0.24View Details 
Whistle Light and Keychain
Style Number: 6115-72 As low as $0.59View Details 
Wooden Mood Ruler - 6"
Style Number: 3027-91306 As low as $0.39View Details 
Reusable Hot and Cold Pack
Style Number: 6115-9460 As low as $1.25View Details 
Round Tri-Function Blinking Light Reflector
Style Number: 6115-77 As low as $1.39View Details 
Paperclips with Magnetic Base – House Shape
Style Number: 4850-DP-157-156 As low as $4.05View Details 
Pocket Slider Chart - First Aid
Style Number: 103415-20699 As low as $0.81View Details 
Clicker with Whistle
Style Number: 5404-MI1005 As low as $1.18View Details 
Reflective Safety Vest
Style Number: 103415-50043 As low as $13.26View Details 
Temporary Waterless Tattoo - Circle- 1"
Style Number: 5695-2451 As low as $0.06View Details 
Temporary Waterless Tattoo - Circle- 1 1/2"
Style Number: 5695-2453 As low as $0.10View Details 
Temporary Waterless Tattoo - Circle- 1 3/4"
Style Number: 5695-2454 As low as $0.10View Details 
Temporary Waterless Tattoo - Square - 1 1/2" x 1 1/2"
Style Number: 5695-2457 As low as $0.10View Details 
Temporary Waterless Tattoo - Rectangle - 2" x 1 1/2"
Style Number: 5695-2460 As low as $0.10View Details 
Round Button with Safety Pin Back - 1 3/4"diam.
Style Number: 6639-00022 As low as $0.28View Details 
Full Color House Calendar Magnet - 3 1/2" x 4"
Style Number: 10878-31010-17 As low as $0.34View Details 
House-Shaped Soft Keychain - Full Color
Style Number: 8021-20002 As low as $0.43View Details 
Neon Rectangle Eraser
Style Number: 3027-02012 As low as $0.44View Details 
Fire Safety Coloring Book
Style Number: 7436-NCB-FIRE As low as $0.48View Details 
House-Shaped Soft Keychain - Spot Color
Style Number: 8021-6000S2 As low as $0.53View Details 
Full Color Vertical House Calendar Magnet - 4" x 7"
Style Number: 10878-31009-17 As low as $0.62View Details 
House Letter Opener
Style Number: 5284-2411 As low as $0.66View Details 
Molded Magnet – House Shape
Style Number: 5404-MI1094 As low as $0.73View Details 
Large House Post-it® Notepad - 25 Sheet
Style Number: 9124-DC119G3252 As low as $0.74View Details 
Flip Top Pencil Sharpener
Style Number: 3027-08000 As low as $0.76View Details 
Letter Opener – House Shape
Style Number: 5404-7403 As low as $0.84View Details 
House Magnet with Clip
Style Number: 6852-CLM03 As low as $0.86View Details 
Animal Crackers Snack Bag
Style Number: 71685-PS-AC1 As low as $0.89View Details 
Bottled Water with Full Color Label - 8 oz.
Style Number: 71685-SCWB As low as $0.91View Details 
Clicker with Tab
Style Number: 5404-MI1009 As low as $0.95View Details 
Fly Swatter - Medium House Shape
Style Number: 5404-MI1033 As low as $0.96View Details 
Mini Flip-Top Candy Dispenser with Red Hots® or Mints
Style Number: 71685-MCD-1 As low as $0.98View Details 
Translucent Plastic Yo-Yo
Style Number: 1165-VG2100 As low as $0.99View Details 
Result1-40 of 56

About Custom Fire Prevention Products