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Promotional Fire Prevention Products

Whether reaching out to the community as a firefighter, or educating at a healthcare facility, office or factory; everyone must do their part to prevent fires. Custom fire prevention products help to protect and provide resources for adults and children. Help reduce fire related injuries and deaths by providing promotional fire prevention products.

Plan for giveaways at your next fire prevention event. When you add your message to a promotional product, those you are trying to reach will remember you well beyond the event. From safety night lights, first aid charts and flashlights to fridge magnets and keychains, HALO has you covered. If hosting a fire prevention awareness event for the kids in the community, add your logo to our custom temporary tattoos, custom coloring books, mini water bottles, plastic yo-yos or animal cracker snack bags. Need more ideas? Contact your HALO Account Executive for more budget-friendly fire prevention products.

Custom Fire Prevention Products

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the Essentials Biker's Buddy Bottle
Style Number: 5599-WB20C As low as $1.25 | SALE $0.88 View Details
Safety Plug - House Shape
Style Number: 5404-MI4010  View Details
Neon Night Light - House Shape
Style Number: 5404-MI2030  View Details
Micro 3 LED Torch Key Holder
Style Number: 7953-PL-3873  View Details
Mood Pencil
Style Number: 3027-20550  View Details
Whistle Light and Keychain
Style Number: 6115-72  View Details
Wooden Mood Ruler - 6"
Style Number: 3027-91306  View Details
Reusable Hot and Cold Pack
Style Number: 6115-9460  View Details
Clicker with Whistle
Style Number: 5404-MI1005  View Details
Reflective Safety Vest
Style Number: 4048-50043  View Details
House-Shaped Soft Keychain - Full Color
Style Number: 8021-20002  View Details
Neon Rectangle Eraser
Style Number: 3027-02012  View Details
Coloring Book - Escaping Fire Danger
Style Number: 5410-CB1079  View Details
Coloring Book - Flash Teaches Fire Safety!
Style Number: 5410-CB1101  View Details
House Magnet with Clip
Style Number: 6852-CLM03  View Details
Clicker with Tab
Style Number: 5404-MI1009  View Details
Animal Crackers Snack Bag
Style Number: 71685-PS-AC1  View Details
Translucent Plastic Yo-Yo
Style Number: 1165-VG2100  View Details
Non-Woven Sportpack
Style Number: 6115-3074  View Details
Fly Swatter - Medium House Shape
Style Number: 5404-MI1033  View Details
House-Shaped Thermometer Magnet
Style Number: 123110-AIO-THMHV  View Details
Magnetic Clip - House
Style Number: 5404-MI4601  View Details
Super Bright Pocket Torch Flashlight
Style Number: 7953-PL-3872  View Details
Premium Translucent 4-in-1 School Kit
Style Number: 3027-05120  View Details
Result1-27 of 27

About Custom Fire Prevention Products

Promotional Fire Prevention Products

There are many creative ways to educate, provide resources and support fire safety year around. HALO has the solution to advertising your brand and supporting fire prevention simultaneously.

Support year-around fire safety by adding local police and fire department contact information to one of HALO’s promotional magnets or keychains. A branded magnet will be seen daily in the kitchen or office, while a custom keychain will go with them wherever they roam.

Outfit your team at your next fire prevention event with promotional reflective safety vests and custom round safety buttons so the community can identify them. Provide small awareness giveaways that showcase your brand.

Promote fire safety with your employees by planning an official fire prevention week. Host local firemen to come in for sessions on fire prevention techniques. Offer a “tip of the day” for each day of fire prevention week, along with a small employee giveaway. Customize each fire prevention product to reflect each tip. Promotional magnetic emergency flashlights, reusable hot and cold packs, first aid charts and safety whistles are all great options.

Need more ideas? Contact your HALO Account Executive for more ways to raise fire prevention awareness at your workplace and in your community.