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Custom Promotional Koozies

Promotional KOOZIEs and custom can coolers are an affordable way to get your brand in the hands of many people. They keep drinks cool and protect hands from dripping “sweat” off cans. Personalized can coolers are popular at many types of events, both corporate and non-corporate. Consider custom can coolers for outdoor festivals and concerts as well as weddings, family reunions and company picnics. They’re available in a variety of fun colors to match your brand’s personality and campaign. Full color imprints are often available, too, so you can show off your logo in its full glory.

KOOZIES and  custom can coolers are lightweight and collapsible, too. They’re easy to ship in bulk, slip into welcome bags, or display on a table at any event. 

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the Essentials Kan-tastic
Style Number: 6115-34 As low as $0.83 | SALE $0.53 View Details
the Essentials Koozie® britePix® Can Kooler
Style Number: 4048-45448 As low as $1.11 | SALE $0.82 View Details
KOOZIE® Collapsible Eco Koozie Can Kooler
Style Number: 4048-45823 As low as $1.28 View Details
KOOZIE® Dual Color Can Kooler
Style Number: 4048-45945 As low as $1.24 View Details
Bling Awareness Ribbon Can Cooler
Style Number: 6115-32 As low as $1.55 View Details
Koozie® Can Kooler with Carabiner
Style Number: 4048-45822 As low as $1.78 View Details
Zip-Up Bottle Sleeve - 12 oz
Style Number: 6115-40 As low as $1.55 View Details
Jersey Bottle Sleeve
Style Number: 6115-33 As low as $1.75 View Details
Hero Cooler
Style Number: 7984-040433 As low as $2.49 View Details
Koozie® Collapsible Can Kooler
Style Number: 4048-45081 As low as $0.90 View Details
Pint Size Cooler Wrap
Style Number: 6639-31508 As low as $1.20 View Details
KOOZIE® the Original Koozie Can Kooler
Style Number: 4048-45023 As low as $1.30 View Details
Triangle Top Scuba Coolie
Style Number: 17910-1000TR4CP As low as $1.49 View Details
Metallic Neoprene Collapsible Coolie
Style Number: 17910-1020M As low as $2.69 | SALE $1.60 View Details
Neoprene Iridescent Coolie
Style Number: 17910-1020M-IRIDESCENT As low as $2.09 | SALE $1.60 View Details
Koozie® Slim Can Kooler
Style Number: 4048-46206 As low as $1.64 View Details
Bottle Bag Beverage Insulator
Style Number: 6115-41 As low as $1.69 View Details
Beer Taster Scuba Coolie
Style Number: 17910-BTC4CP As low as $1.79 View Details
Reversible Cancooler
Style Number: 8360-CANCOOLER-HA As low as $1.82 View Details
Koozie® Leather-Like Can Kooler
Style Number: 4048-46170 As low as $1.87 View Details
Reversible Reusable Coffee Cozy
Style Number: 8360-COFFEECOZ-HA As low as $1.89 View Details
Tall Boy Can Cooler
Style Number: 8360-TALLBOY-SS As low as $1.93 View Details
Neoprene Pint Cooler – 3"
Style Number: 17910-NPS4CP As low as $2.09 View Details
Full Color Tall Boy Can Cooler
Style Number: 8360-TALLBOY-FC As low as $2.10 View Details
Jersey Cooler for Bottles - Full Color
Style Number: 17910-10024CP As low as $2.19 View Details
Cooler Slap Wrap
Style Number: 17910-SWC-4CP As low as $2.23 View Details
Full-Color Crowler Scuba Coolie - 32 Oz.
Style Number: 17910-1000324CP As low as $2.34 View Details
Koozie® Color Changing Can and Bottle Kooler
Style Number: 4048-46165 As low as $2.58 View Details
Slip-On Boot Bottle Cooler
Style Number: 17910-13554CP As low as $2.59 View Details
Reversible Full Color Tall Boy Can Cooler
Style Number: 8360-TALLBOY-HA As low as $2.72 View Details
Neoprene Sip’N Sell Cooler
Style Number: 17910-10204CPSNS As low as $2.79 View Details
Full Color Bottle Cooler with Zipper
Style Number: 8360-BOTCOOLER-FC As low as $3.16 View Details
Slide Over Bottle Cooler
Style Number: 17910-10014CP As low as $3.29 View Details
Bottle Zipper Cooler
Style Number: 17910-10154CP As low as $3.89 View Details
Comfort Grip Neoprene Sleeve - 20-22 oz.
Style Number: 17910-STSNEO22 As low as $4.25 View Details
Comfort Grip Neoprene Sleeve - 30-32 oz.
Style Number: 17910-STSNEO32 As low as $5.25 View Details
Wine Bottle Dress
Style Number: 17910-WT4CP As low as $6.39 View Details
KOOZIE® Fun Lunch Kooler
Style Number: 4048-15646 As low as $7.83 View Details
Kratos Double Wall Stainless Can Cooler
Style Number: 6489-KRATOS As low as $8.49 View Details
Joe Joe Stainless Steel Convertible Can Cooler - 12 oz.
Style Number: 3468-CC258 As low as $9.75 View Details
Result1-40 of 44

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Why Customize Promotional KOOZIEs?




Some generic products are known colloquially by brand names. What do people usually call facial tissue, bandages or lip balm? Similarly, consumers know can coolers by one name, the brand name that introduced the wonderful world of cold beverages without freezing hands — KOOZIE. While most custom can coolers offer up the same refreshing beverage experience, KOOZIE is the original can cooler. Showcase you brand alongside the KOOZIE name for authentic can cooling.

KOOZIEs keep your drink nice and cold while protecting your hand from the cold drink. They’re great for outdoor events, corporate picnics, theme parks, tailgating, sporting events, and barbecues. Promotional KOOZIEs are useful in warm and cold weather. They not only help retain your beverage’s temperature, but they shield your hand from hot or cold.

KOOZIEs are lightweight enough to send as event invites, too. Imprint KOOZIEs with your event date and address for an invitation guests will keep long after the event. Custom can coolers also make memorable favors at family reunions, weddings, and birthday parties.

With HALO, you can add your logo to a reputable brand name product that recipients will use over and over. Build brand recognition, make a statement, motivate and thank recipients with custom can coolers and KOOZIEs at your next event.