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Custom Lanyards: Not Just for Trade Shows

Custom lanyards have long since been a popular promotional item for trade shows – commonly used to promote booth traffic and visibly distinguish between attendees and show sponsors. Although trade show lanyards are ever-present, we’re starting
to see an increase in promotional lanyards at new venues.

Custom Lanyards for Students

Personalized lanyards are cropping up on college campuses and at high schools around the country. Students favor these functional key/ID accessories because they keep their dorm key and student ID handy. This increase in campus popularity makes promotional lanyards a premium promotional purchase for close-to-campus businesses and organizations like banks, restaurants, student resource centers, retail stores, bookstores, athletic departments, clubs and more!

Handing out custom lanyards during freshman orientation, registration or during the first week of classes offers your business a unique opportunity to connect with new people. Word of mouth is a powerful advertising vehicle. Help spread the word with custom lanyards printed with your message or logo for instant brand recognition that follows them where ever they go.

What Material Should I Choose for my Personalized Lanyards?

Custom lanyards are typically made of polyester, nylon or cotton, but there’s also a variety high-end specialty lanyards made from silky satin and even fashion-conscious Beaded Lanyard.

Cotton and thinner lanyard materials are a good one-time-use option. For longer lasting, higher-quality materials try sturdy, nylon web lanyards — great for one color screen printed logos. In general, woven lanyards are the best durable, extended use option. For long-lasting lanyards that feature full color graphics try Heavy-Weight Satin Lanyards.

Best Seller Lanyard

Product Style # 5410-PW58

Should I Use a Full Color Imprint Screen Print for my Logo?

Simplistic logos that require only one or two imprint colors are best suited for screen printing – also more budget-friendly. Most promotional lanyards can be screen printed — polyester, nylon and cotton lanyards lend themselves to this imprint method.

When your logo is very detailed, or requires exact color matching (PMS color matching) you should choose a full color imprint. Soft satin lanyards generally cost more, but are great for spot-on, detail-oriented graphics and are widely used for full color logos. Full color imprints provide the highest level of accuracy and capture small details that may be lost when screen printed.

Lanyard Clips for Your Custom Printed Lanyards

What’s a lanyard without a clip? A strip of fabric, rendered useless without its necessary clip attachment. This is the piece that they use to attach keys or ID badges.

For identification purposes choose the Swivel J-Hook, Bulldog Clip, or Swivel Bulldog Clip. They work for nearly any badge or ID. If intended for ID display, consider completing the package with Vinyl Badge Pouches with Attachment Holes that make clipping their badge to the lanyard easy. For a simple key ring attachment choose the classic split key ring.

Promotional Lanyards with Breakaway Neck Clips

Most schools, hospitals and manufacturing plants require detachable, breakaway neck clips. If safety is a concern and there is machinery or moving parts where the lanyard could easily get hooked on an object, take the extra safety precaution with the Hang in There Lanyard.


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