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Logo Sportswear

From t-shirts and logo sportswear to custom mesh shorts, branded sportswear is sure to garner attention for your brand. In fact, a study by the Advertising Specialty Institute* found that performance wear is among the top five influential promotional products in the U.S. It could be because promotional activewear appeals to a broad audience. You can market specifically to fitness buffs and athletes, but these clothes are trendy enough for outside the gym, too. The universal appeal of promotional sportswear makes it a smart choice for promoting your school, team, gym or spa.

Browse moisture-wicking, breathable shirts and jackets and sweat absorbing hats. These high-performance items will become a part of their regular wardrobe. 

Custom Activewear

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PosiCharge® Competitor Tee - Ladies'
Style Number: 20772-LST350  View Details
PosiCharge® Competitor Tee - Men's
Style Number: 20772-ST350  View Details
Vansport Performance Mesh 1/4-Zip Tech Pullover - Men’s
Style Number: 9339-3405 As low as $44.80 | SALE $38.38 View Details
Caltech Knit Quarter Zip - Men’s
Style Number: 66887-TM17807  View Details
Yerba Knit Quarter Zip - Men’s
Style Number: 66887-TM17894  View Details
Okapi Knit Jacket - Men’s
Style Number: 66887-TM18117  View Details
Rixford Polyfleece Jacket - Men’s
Style Number: 66887-TM18130  View Details
Vega Tech Quarter Zip - Men’s
Style Number: 66887-TM18304  View Details
Caltech Knit Quarter Zip - Ladies’
Style Number: 66887-TM97807  View Details
Yerba Knit Quarter Zip - Ladies’
Style Number: 66887-TM97894  View Details
Okapi Knit Jacket - Ladies’
Style Number: 66887-TM98117  View Details
Rixford Polyfleece Jacket - Ladies’
Style Number: 66887-TM98130  View Details
Vega Tech Half Zip - Ladies’
Style Number: 66887-TM98304  View Details
Maxson Softshell Jacket - Ladies’
Style Number: 66887-TM99534  View Details
1/4 Zip Force Training Top – Ladies’
Style Number: 21878-222300  View Details
1/4 Zip Force Training Top – Men’s
Style Number: 21878-222500  View Details
Long-Sleeved Electrify 2.0 Shirt – Adult
Style Number: 21878-222524  View Details
Holloway Electrify 1/2-Zip Pullover - Adult
Style Number: 21878-222542  View Details
Advocate Tank – Ladies’
Style Number: 21878-222710  View Details
Advocate Hooded Tank – Ladies’
Style Number: 21878-222712  View Details
Ladies& Advocate Shirt
Style Number: 21878-229388  View Details
Weld Pants – Adult
Style Number: 21878-229544  View Details
Fleece Jogger Pants – Men’s
Style Number: 21878-229548  View Details
Weld Hybrid 1/4 Zip Pullover - Adult
Style Number: 21878-229596  View Details
Tennis Sojourner Tank Top – Ladies’
Style Number: 21878-2434  View Details
Attain 1/4-Zip Pullover - Adult
Style Number: 21878-2785  View Details
Medalist Jacket 2.0 - Adult
Style Number: 21878-4395  View Details
Aurora Cheerleading Pants – Ladies’
Style Number: 21878-7737  View Details
Medalist Pants 2.0 – Adult
Style Number: 21878-7760  View Details
Result1-40 of 108

About Custom Activewear

Choosing Branded Sportswear



Branded sportswear can help you tap into highly lucrative markets in your community. Think about your kid’s little league team, your neighbor’s bowling league, your friend’s lawn care business, and your local booster club. The opportunities for promotional activewear are endless. High performance styles are on trend in other markets too, including corporate wellness programs and businesses looking to enhance an athletic image. Even if you’re not marketing to fitness enthusiasts, your promotional clothing can still be worn. If it’s comfortable and attractive, your audience is likely to wear it.

How do you choose the best performance apparel for your audience? If your audience works outside in the sun or expects to sweat much, clothes made from moisture-wicking or absorbent materials are good options. They will keep the wearer dry and cool during intense workouts and games. If you expect your recipients to wear the item on a daily basis (such as for practice warm up clothes or on the job), look for something that is easy to wash, too. The more often they wear your apparel, the more impressions your brand will receive.

Source: ASI Impressions Study 2016 (