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Promotional Personalized Backpacks

A versatile product choice, promotional backpacks appeal to all ages and provide a variety of options for both male and female audiences. Custom promotional backpacks offer a wide selection of styles and price points. HALO’s selection ranges from budget friendly sling packs and solid color styles to premium brand-name backpacks. Some backpacks offer the choice of screen print or embroidery. You’ll want to choose the decoration option that best represents your brand, highlights your logo and fits in your budget.

Branded backpacks make an excellent addition to promotions for schools, sports games, outdoor activities, and business travel. Your HALO Account Executive will help you determine which backpack would be best for your audience.

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Good Value® Front Zip Drawstring Backpack
Style Number: 4048-15945 As low as $2.10 View Details
Good Value® Gradient Drawstring Backpack
Style Number: 4048-15943 As low as $2.39 View Details
Clear Bag With Drawstring
Style Number: 3673-WBA-CB14 As low as $2.52 View Details
Good Value® Midpoint Drawstring Backpack
Style Number: 4048-15946 As low as $2.58 View Details
Sling Backpack with Hanging Loop
Style Number: 3673-WBA-BD12 As low as $3.45 View Details
Non-Woven Value Sling Backpack
Style Number: 3673-WBA-NC11 As low as $4.57 View Details
Armada Sling Backpack
Style Number: 9021-SM-7361 As low as $5.09 View Details
Budget Backpack
Style Number: 6115-3023 As low as $5.15 View Details
Good Value® Ripstop Sport Backpack
Style Number: 4048-15926 As low as $5.23 View Details
Microfiber Drawstring Sportpack
Style Number: 7953-LT-3366 As low as $5.67 View Details
Wave Mono Pack
Style Number: 5607-5220 As low as $5.99 View Details
Top-Zip Sling Backpack
Style Number: 1165-KB7203 As low as $6.75 View Details
Brooklyn Deluxe Sling Backpack
Style Number: 9021-SM-7269 As low as $7.09 View Details
Atchison Cutie Patootie Sling Backpack
Style Number: 4048-AP5080 As low as $7.64 View Details
the Essentials The Better Backpack
Style Number: 9021-SM-7396 As low as $7.99 View Details
Big Muscle Sports Pack
Style Number: 6115-3082 As low as $7.99 View Details
Atchison on the Move Backpack
Style Number: 4048-AP5040 As low as $8.37 View Details
Dual Compartment Drawstring Backpack
Style Number: 3673-WBA-TL11 As low as $8.70 View Details
Atchison® On The Move Two-Tone Backpack
Style Number: 4048-AP5040C As low as $9.36 View Details
Atchison Tri-Tone Sport Backpack
Style Number: 4048-AP5390 As low as $9.84 View Details
Urban Computer Backpack - 15"
Style Number: 9021-SM-7062 As low as $9.99 View Details
Boomerang Backpack
Style Number: 66887-3251-99 As low as $10.58 View Details
Golf Cooler Bag
Style Number: 6115-415 As low as $10.79 View Details
Brandt Computer Backpack - 15"
Style Number: 9021-SM-7767 As low as $10.99 View Details
Executive Computer Backpack - 15"
Style Number: 9021-SM-7068 As low as $11.39 View Details
Expandable Computer Backpack - 15"
Style Number: 9021-SM-7058 As low as $11.59 View Details
Atchison Title Track Backpack
Style Number: 4048-AP5710 As low as $11.72 View Details
Good Value® Homestretch Backpack
Style Number: 4048-15858 As low as $11.92 View Details
Eco-Friendly Sling Backpack
Style Number: 66887-3004-65 As low as $12.98 View Details
Coil Backpack
Style Number: 66887-3250-99 As low as $13.58 View Details
Merchant & Craft Chase Computer Backpack - 15"
Style Number: 66887-3750-14 As low as $13.98 View Details
The Go-To Backpack - 12" x 18"
Style Number: 6852-BG758 As low as $14.13 View Details
Incline Backpack
Style Number: 66887-4525-12 As low as $14.78 View Details
Graphite Deluxe Computer Backpack - 15"
Style Number: 66887-3450-34 As low as $15.98 View Details
18-Can Backpack Cooler
Style Number: 1165-GR4503 As low as $15.99 View Details
Good Value® All Day Computer Backpack
Style Number: 4048-16037 As low as $16.72 View Details
Diamond Lattice Accent Backpack
HaloPrName:  Diamond
Style Number: 6115-3410 As low as $16.99 View Details
12-Can Backpack Cooler
Style Number: 1165-GR4502 As low as $16.99 View Details
Evolution Computer Mono Pack
Style Number: 5607-5127 As low as $16.99 View Details
Koozie® Breaktime Kooler Backpack
Style Number: 4048-15984 As low as $17.15 View Details
Result1-40 of 129

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Appealing to Multiple Audiences with Promotional Backpacks




Some people hear “backpack” and think only of schoolchildren or hikers. When it comes to marketing with branded backpacks, however, do not limit yourself to these audiences. HALO offers a variety of custom promotional backpack styles to suit anyone from college students to business professionals.  

HALO’s budget friendly sling backpacks and solid color styles are popular choices for school-related activities that appeal to younger demographics. These value customized backpacks include sporty styles offered in a variety of colors with spacious main compartments made from nylon and polyester materials. Consider offering a sling pack as a gift to new dorm residents or recruits on a school team.

For a more premium gift such as something for employee appreciation or a sales incentive reward, consider specialized tech-friendly promotional sling backpacks. Ask your HALO Account Executive for customizable company backpacks for tech products. Many backpacks feature padded computer compartments and multi-function organizers. Students and business professionals love them.

Most premium backpacks are made of high quality nylon and polyester and rip-stop fabric. Check the materials used to ensure your backpacks have added durability and lasting brand exposure. Product care varies by fabric type. Specific usage information should be reviewed prior to cleaning.

To increase the value of your branded backpack gift, consider filling with custom items. For example, if you’re appealing to athletes, fill the bag with fitness items. For business professionals and students load the bag with office supplies. Whether you load them up or give them ready to be filled, recipients will value their custom backpacks.