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Branded Messenger Bags

Promotional messenger bags serve as thoughtful gifts for college students and executives alike. Browse HALO’s selection of styles and imprint options for something your audience will love. For something trendy that may appeal more to a young audience, opt for messenger bags with a pop of bold, bright color. Many bags offer a variety of accent colors so you can find something to complement your branding.

If you’re going for a more sophisticated look, choose a bag in one solid color and perhaps a different material such as leather. Also consider different imprint options; with many bags, you can choose from screen printing or embroidery. Some offer debossing as an option, too. A simple change in color, material and imprint method can greatly increase the value of your promotional messenger bag gift.

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Andrew Philips™ Canvas and Leather Relaxed Carry All Bag
Style Number: 9363-AP3710 As low as $87.99 View Details
Zippered Utility Pouch Bag
Style Number: 3673-WBA-UP10 As low as $1.18 View Details
Excel Brief Bag
Style Number: 66887-8100-06 As low as $5.58 View Details
Atchison Mini Carry All Bag
Style Number: 4048-AP3920 As low as $5.66 View Details
Dolphin Business Briefcase
Style Number: 9021-SM-7561 As low as $6.39 View Details
Attune Messenger Bag II
Style Number: 5607-2125 As low as $7.49 View Details
BIC Graphic® Stand Alone Briefcase
Style Number: 4048-15915 As low as $7.82 View Details
Meeting Business Bag
Style Number: 66887-3400-04 As low as $7.98 View Details
KAPSTON™ Jaxon Fanny Pack
Style Number: 4048-16045 As low as $8.00 View Details
Polyester Messenger Bag with PVC Lining
Style Number: 6115-3005 As low as $8.69 View Details
Business Messenger Bag
Style Number: 6115-3545 As low as $9.95 View Details
Avery Cotton Zippered 3 Piece Pouch Set
Style Number: 5607-6836 As low as $9.99 View Details
Messenger Bag with Matching Striped Handles
Style Number: 6115-3099 As low as $10.65 View Details
Business Messenger Bag with 2 Side Pockets
Style Number: 6115-3541 As low as $10.99 View Details
Color Accent Messenger Bag
Style Number: 1165-KC0205 As low as $11.50 View Details
Cargo Messenger Bag
Style Number: 66887-3500-54 As low as $11.78 View Details
Tranzip Brief Computer Tote - 15"
Style Number: 66887-2020-05 As low as $16.98 View Details
Tranzip Computer Messenger - 15"
Style Number: 66887-2020-03 As low as $18.58 View Details
Freestyle Laptop Messenger Bag
Style Number: 5607-2293 As low as $22.99 View Details
Verona Vertical Compu-Brief Bag
Style Number: 66887-4850-12 As low as $23.98 View Details
Metro Laptop Bag
Style Number: 66887-3200-07 As low as $24.78 View Details
DuraHyde Deluxe Business Brief Bag
Style Number: 66887-4900-09 As low as $24.88 View Details
Summit Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Case Bag
Style Number: 66887-3450-57 As low as $26.98 View Details
Nomad Messenger Bag
Style Number: 3493-BG400 As low as $28.00 View Details
Madison Messenger Bag
Style Number: 1165-KC0301 As low as $28.00 View Details
Textured Executive Messenger Bag
Style Number: 1165-KC0800 As low as $29.99 View Details
DuraHyde Laptop Bag
Style Number: 66887-4900-58 As low as $36.68 View Details
Heritage Computer Rucksack
Style Number: 8932-15840 As low as $38.99 View Details
Paragon Computer Briefcase - 17"
Style Number: 66887-5700-19 As low as $41.48 View Details
The CEO Laptop Case
Style Number: 7673-CEO001 As low as $49.90 View Details
Canyon Outback® Black Hills Shell Bag
Style Number: 106850-CS595 As low as $63.00 View Details
Incase® Travel Organizer
Style Number: 4048-16046 As low as $66.06 View Details
Solo® Checkfast™ Laptop Briefcase
Style Number: 1165-KC1206 As low as $67.99 View Details
Solo® Empire Rolling Case
Style Number: 1165-KL4013 As low as $128.99 View Details
Canyon Outback® Copper Canyon Expandable Briefcase
Style Number: 106850-B121 As low as $153.00 View Details
Canyon Outback® Willow Rock Computer Briefcase
Style Number: 106850-B101 As low as $198.00 View Details
Canyon Outback® Old Fort Canyon Briefcase
Style Number: 106850-CS226 As low as $227.00 View Details
Outback Canyon® Casa Grande Canyon Computer Briefcase
Style Number: 106850-CS229 As low as $227.00 View Details
Result1-38 of 38

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Carry Your Branding with Promotional Messenger Bags


Messenger bags, briefcases and laptop bags are valuable incentive gifts that will give you prolonged brand exposure among new customers and existing clients. Promotional messenger bags appeal to a broad audience, from the young business professional to the seasoned executive.  How can you guarantee they’ll use your custom messenger bag over others? Choose the color, material and features that appeal to your audience, and they’ll carry your branding everywhere with them. 
Color and material preferences will vary from person to person. Do some market research to see which styles and colors appeal to your audience.  You may want to start with bright, trendy colors and wear-resistant materials like vinyl for younger demographics and simpler, classic leather bags for more experienced demographics.
The right colors and materials are important, but it’s likely your customized messenger bag’s features that will really help you stand out among the competition. Shoulder straps, carry handles and a large main compartment with zippered closure all comes standard on most bags. You can upgrade a standard bag without breaking your budget by looking for premium padded straps and additional pockets. Ask your HALO Account Executive for budget-friendly options with organizers for pens and business cards and storage for laptops, tablets and smartphones.
If you’re looking for the perfect executive gift, ask about premium promotional briefcase brands. When you choose a brand-name product, you are putting your trust into an established company that your clients will recognize. They’ll know you put a lot of thought into the gift. Premium promotional messenger bags often include built-in tech accessory organizers. They’re perfect for people who are constantly on the go and usually include extra padding for high-ticket items like laptops as well as convenient headphone ports.
Remember, no matter what type of customized messenger bag you choose, product care varies by fabric type. Specific usage information should be reviewed prior to cleaning.