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  • The Ace Hardware Foundation has worked with HALO for more than 10 years. HALO has always been a great resource for our promotional product needs. Their commitment to quality and timeliness is uncompromising. Our hope is that HALO and their sales team will continue to be a valued partner for the Ace Foundation for years to come.

    Ace Hardware Foundation

  • HALO's solutions are unique. Our Account Executive doesn't just provide us with products, he provides us with concepts that provide a complete solution for every project. Everything runs smoothly and HALO keeps us in the loop from start to finish with no gaps in communication.

    Wildwell Control

  • HALO Branded Solutions has been a fantastic partner. Not only are they quick to respond, but their attention to detail and ability to offer creative solutions is unmatched. They are my first and only call when I have any promotional needs. I've used other vendors in the past, but HALO has been the only one who consistently delivers.

    National Theme Park

  • HALO's team approach to problem solving was refreshing. Whether it was marketing material or product selection, they seemed to have an expert for anything we needed to make our program a success.

    Raynor, Inc.

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Promotional Paper Bags with Logo

Promotional paper bags are smart alternatives to plastic at a comparable price. Adding branded tissue paper to promotional paper bags can instantly increase the value of the overall gift or purchase.

Custom paper bags are nice choices for goody bags, special events, golf tournaments and retail stores. They are often sturdy enough for heavier items thanks to gusseted sides and flat bottoms. Handle style is also important when choosing custom paper shopping bags. Ask about free samples to make sure they work for your intended use.

Browse HALO’s selection including popular brown and white Kraft paper bags available in a variety of sizes. Many of HALO’s eco-friendly promotional paper bags are made with 100% recycled paper. Ask about eco-friendly options for your promotion.

Promotional Paper Bags

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Brown Kraft Paper Bag - 10" x 13" x 5"
Style Number: 7436-50221 As low as $0.50View Details 
Brown Kraft Paper Bag - 8 1/4"x 10 3/4" x 4 1/4"
Style Number: 7436-50211 As low as $0.55View Details 
White Kraft Paper Bag - 10" x 13" x 5"
Style Number: 7436-50321 As low as $0.57View Details 
Brown Kraft Paper Bag - 16" x 6" x 12 1/2"
Style Number: 7436-50241 As low as $0.57View Details 
Brown Kraft Paper Bag - 13" x 15 1/2" x 6"
Style Number: 7436-50251 As low as $0.59View Details 
White Kraft Paper Bag - 8 1/4" x 10 3/4" x 4 1/4"
Style Number: 7436-50311 As low as $0.60View Details 
Brown Kraft Paper Bag - 14" x 9" x 15 1/2"
Style Number: 7436-50261 As low as $0.61View Details 
White Kraft Paper Bag - 16" x 12 1/2" x 6"
Style Number: 7436-50341 As low as $0.62View Details 
Brown Kraft Paper Bag - 16" x 6"x 19"
Style Number: 7436-50231 As low as $0.63View Details 
White Kraft Paper Bag - 13" x 6" x 15 1/2"
Style Number: 7436-50351 As low as $0.64View Details 
White Kraft Paper Bag - 14" x 15 1/2" x 9"
Style Number: 7436-50361 As low as $0.66View Details 
White Kraft Paper Bag - 16" x 6" x 19"
Style Number: 7436-50331 As low as $0.68View Details 
Result1-12 of 12

About Promotional Paper Bags

Promotional Paper Bag Options

When choosing the appropriate promotional paper bag for your marketing campaign, consider how and where the bag will be used. Brown Kraft paper bags fit in well at small country stores, collectible shops and health markets. They give a close to home, earthy feel. On the other hand, classic white Kraft paper bags provide a cleaner look appropriate for health care facilities or as gift bags at golf tournaments and fundraisers. The white paper is a pristine backdrop for any color logo or message. If you want something to complement your branding, look into colored paper bags. You can often have a bag dyed to match your logo.
Paper bags with a logo are an affordable branding option, but in some cases the pricing can get tricky. Many of HALO’s paper bags require a minimum plate charge per color. The minimum charge for each plate is often $35 and plate charges are $2 per square inch of plate material used. Ink and foil designs require one plate per color, per side. You can determine the correct charge by measuring the dimensions of each color in your imprint design. Use the longest distance for each dimension. Your HALO Account Executive will quote the plate charges for process print designs.

To calculate an estimate: multiple the size of your logo width by height to determine square inches. Then multiply the total square inches by $2 to get the total cost.  Example:  6” x 6” = 36 square inches.   36 square inches x $2 = $72 plate charge.