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Custom Promotional Tote Bags

Promotional tote bags are an excellent way to reach a vast audience due to their large imprint area and versatility. The most appealing aspect of customizable tote bags is that they're reusable for repeat exposure and memorable brand power.

As more American cities ban the use of plastic bags in stores, it’s a perfect time to add your logo to reusable personalized tote bags. HALO’s selection of tote bags offers an array of colors to complement your branding. Don’t see the color you need? Ask your HALO Account Executive for additional options.

Your decoration options will depend on the promotional tote bag material. Screen printing is usually an option, but some bags can be embroidered, too. Your HALO Account Executive can help you determine which decoration option is best for your logo and budget.

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Thermo-O Tote™ Non-Woven Insulated Tote - 13" x 15"
Style Number: 3794-39AC1315 As low as $3.95 View Details
Emerald™ Large Glossy Eurotote Bag - 10" x 12"
Style Number: 3794-34LE1013 As low as $1.70 View Details
Crystal™ Small Glossy Eurotote Bag - 7 3/4" x 9 3/4"
Style Number: 3794-34LE79 As low as $1.46 View Details
Therm-O Snack™ Non-Woven Insulated Bag - 8" x 12"
Style Number: 3794-39AC812 As low as $2.95 View Details
Therm-O Super Snack™ Non-Woven Insulated Bag - 9" x 14"
Style Number: 3794-39AC914 As low as $3.40 View Details
Franklin Large Non-Woven Tote Bag - 16" x 12"
Style Number: 3794-39PL1612 As low as $1.65 View Details
George Extra Large Non-Woven Tote Bag - 20" x 16"
Style Number: 3794-39PL2016 As low as $1.95 View Details
Abe Recycled Medium Non-Woven Tote Bag - 13" x 13"
Style Number: 3794-39PS1313 As low as $1.60 View Details
Ike Small Non-Woven Tote Bag - 8" x 10"
Style Number: 3794-39PS810 As low as $1.35 View Details
Therm-O Non-Woven Insulated Tote - Full Color
Style Number: 3794-CVAC1315 As low as $4.90 View Details
Thermo-Snack Non-Woven Insulated Snack Bag - Full Color
Style Number: 3794-CVAC812 As low as $3.85 View Details
Therm-O Snack ™ Premium Non-Woven Insulated Snack Bag -Full Color
Style Number: 3794-CVAC914 As low as $4.30 View Details
Franklin Large Non-Woven Tote Bag - Full Color
Style Number: 3794-CVPL1612 As low as $2.55 View Details
George Extra Large Non-Woven Tote Bag - Full Color
Style Number: 3794-CVPL2016 As low as $2.85 View Details
Abe Medium Non-Woven Tote Bag - Full Color
Style Number: 3794-CVPS1313 As low as $2.50 View Details
Ike  Non-Woven Tote Bag - Full Color
Style Number: 3794-CVPS810 As low as $2.30 View Details
Result1-16 of 16

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Choosing Promotional Tote Bags



Key in on your target audience with a promotional tote bag. Browse HALO’s variety of colors and styles including shopper totes, recyclable totes, promotional canvas bags, foldaway totes and natural cotton totes. Imprinting your logo on promotional totes exposes your brand to audiences you may have never reached otherwise. You never know where your tote will be taken.

One popular use for customizable tote bags is as an eco-friendly alternative to paper or plastic shopping bags. In fact, many cities are banning plastic bags, so stores and shoppers are looking for alternatives and your brand provide them. 

HALO’s selection offers something for every style—from traditional customized canvas bags to large bags with multiple pockets and zippered compartments. Talk to your HALO Account Executive about your needs. There are many specialized bags, too. For example, trade show attendees would love a bag with a special badge pocket, business card holder and comfortable shoulder strap for long trade show hours. Similarly, wine drinkers will appreciate bags made specifically to hold a bottle and bottle opener for easy toting to picnics and gatherings.

Is your event just around the corner? Don’t worry. Many bags have a quick production time and low minimum order requirement. Your HALO Account Executive will gladly help you pick the right bag or tote for your needs.