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Custom Lunch Bags & Personalized Cooler Bag

Everyone eats lunch—from students to corporate executives—so get your brand out there with promotional cooler bags. HALO offers promotional lunch bags in numerous colors and styles to fit any campaign. Whether they’re packing a lunch for the office or gearing up for a picnic in the park, recipients will appreciate a promotional lunch cooler and use it daily. That means more exposure for your brand as others in the lunchroom see your logo.

Browse traditional lunch bags, travel coolers, and oversized coolers large enough for a party. Many promotional cooler bags come with additional compartments for silverware and condiments, too. No matter what style you choose, your logo will be visible.

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Activo Expandable Cooler Tote Bag
Style Number: 1474-614-00 As low as $23.55 View Details
Topanga Canvas Cooler Tote Bag - 24 Can Capacity
Style Number: 1474-619-00 As low as $20.85 View Details
Duet Insulated Wine & Cheese Tote Bag
Style Number: 1474-623-04 As low as $34.45 View Details
Zuma Insulated Backpack Cooler with Food & Gear Sections
Style Number: 1474-634-00 As low as $25.27 View Details
Vulcan Tailgating Cooler Tote with Gas Grill & 3 BBQ Tools
Style Number: 1474-770-00-175 As low as $180.88 View Details
Vulcan Trolley Cooler Tote with Gas Grill & 3 BBQ Tools
Style Number: 1474-770-85-175 As low as $221.03 View Details
Caliente Round Portable Charcoal BBQ Grill with Cooler Tote Bag
Style Number: 1474-771-00-175 As low as $42.95 View Details
24-Can Convertible Duffel Cooler
Style Number: 20246-AG-663 As low as $25.35 View Details
Precision Bottle Cooler
Style Number: 5607-9280 As low as $19.99 View Details
The Edge Cooler
Style Number: 5607-9291 As low as $9.87 View Details
All Purpose Basket Cooler
Style Number: 5607-9375 As low as $24.99 View Details
Encore MP3 Music Player Cooler
Style Number: 5607-9410 As low as $29.88 View Details
Coastline Junior Cooler
Style Number: 5607-9421 As low as $14.99 View Details
Non-Woven Insulated Shopper Tote Bag
Style Number: 6115-3037 As low as $2.99 View Details
Non-Woven Insulated Six-Pack Kooler Bag
Style Number: 6115-3046 As low as $2.45 View Details
18 Can Rolling Kooler
Style Number: 6115-3118 As low as $27.19 View Details
Non-Woven Insulated Lunch Bag Cooler
Style Number: 6115-3313 As low as $2.25 View Details
Dual Compartment Kooler Bag
Style Number: 6115-3501 As low as $16.25 View Details
Hampton Kooler Bag
Style Number: 6115-3502 As low as $4.69 View Details
Non-Woven Folding Identification Lunch Bag
Style Number: 6115-3508 As low as $2.65 View Details
Flip Flap Insulated Kooler Bag with 22" Handles
Style Number: 6115-3521 As low as $12.99 View Details
Flip Flap Insulated Lunch Bag Cooler
Style Number: 6115-3522 As low as $9.09 View Details
Tall 12-Pack Kooler
Style Number: 6115-3552 As low as $7.05 View Details
70 D Nylon Round Kooler Bag
Style Number: 6115-3555 As low as $8.85 View Details
Budget Kooler Bag
Style Number: 6115-4004 As low as $2.20 View Details
Six-Pack Kooler Bag
Style Number: 6115-4006 As low as $5.25 View Details
Insulated Lunch Bag
Style Number: 6115-4012 As low as $2.20 View Details
Identification Lunch Bag Cooler
Style Number: 6115-4013 As low as $4.19 View Details
Toluca Insulated Cooler with Deluxe Picnic Service For 2
Style Number: 1474-401-42 As low as $41.01 View Details
Malibu Picnic Cooler Shoulder Pack with Serving Set for 2 - 12 Can Capacity
Style Number: 1474-508-23 As low as $77.75 View Details
Montero Large Cooler Tote Bag
Style Number: 1474-604-00 As low as $21.00 View Details
Coastline Cooler Deluxe
Style Number: 5607-9262 As low as $19.99 View Details
Therm-O Snack™ Non-Woven Insulated Bag - 8" x 12"
Style Number: 3794-39AC812 As low as $2.95 View Details
Therm-O Super Snack™ Non-Woven Insulated Bag - 9" x 14"
Style Number: 3794-39AC914 As low as $3.40 View Details
Therm-O Non-Woven Insulated Tote - Full Color
Style Number: 3794-CVAC1315 As low as $4.90 View Details
Thermo-Snack Non-Woven Insulated Snack Bag - Full Color
Style Number: 3794-CVAC812 As low as $3.85 View Details
Golf Bag Cooler
Style Number: 4048-61182 As low as $17.34 View Details
Peak 6 Can Lunch Cooler Bag
Style Number: 66887-2180-05 As low as $7.08 View Details
Quilted Zippered Boat Tote
Style Number: 66887-2301-33 As low as $8.48 View Details
Arctic Zone® Ice Wall™ Lunch Cooler
Style Number: 66887-3860-44 As low as $17.98 View Details
Result1-40 of 178

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Types of Lunch Bags & Promotional Cooler Bags


Promotional lunch coolers are one of the most versatile items you can choose for your campaign. They appeal to anyone who takes food on the go. 

Budget-friendly promotional cooler bags are popular for sports, fundraisers and school activities. They’re affordable enough to give to large groups. Mid-range coolers feature 12-24 can capacity, storage pockets and integrated bottle openers. They’re great for family picnics and small gatherings. Premium promotional lunch bags include oversized cooler capacity to accommodate enough to share. They’re ideal for outdoor events such as family reunions, tailgating and sporting events. Features may include collapsibility, integrated speakers, and transport wheels.

Consider packing any of these promotional lunch boxes with products your audience will love. Fill them with healthy snacks for students, water bottles for athletes, or beer for a fun tailgate raffle prize.

Promotional lunch bag and cooler materials range from polyester and nylon to stretchy, insulated neoprene.  Many styles feature heat-sealed interiors to prevent leaks, often made with PEVA lining and PVC-free materials. Product care varies by fabric type. Specific usage information should be reviewed prior to cleaning.