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Promotional Stuffed Animals

Promotional stuffed animals help you connect with clients on a personal, emotional level. While the recipient may not regularly play with the teddy bear, you still want every experience with it to be positive. HALO’s selection offers soft custom stuffed animals that will leave anyone with a warm fuzzy feeling about your brand.

Stuffed animals can be used as a cute representation of your mascot or as a way to reach out to children. They’re a smart choice for sports teams, schools, children’s hospitals and museums.

Personalized stuffed animals are not usually decorated directly; rather they are dressed with screen printed and full color t-shirts, full color ribbons and fun costumes. Ask your HALO Account Executive about decoration options for your promotional stuffed animals.

Promotional Stuffed Animals

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Plush Ted T. Bear with T-Shirt - 6 "
Style Number: 6266-TB6T As low as $5.50 View Details
Plush Lion with Hoodie
Style Number: 6852-PA201 As low as $7.67 View Details
Knitted Teddy Bear
Style Number: 9363-VPLS003 As low as $8.98 View Details
Wild Bunch Plush Stuffed Animal
Style Number: 9363-CT803 As low as $9.99 View Details
Traditional Teddy Bear
Style Number: 9363-CT978 As low as $10.99 View Details
Corduroy Buddies
Style Number: 9363-VPLS006 As low as $10.99 View Details
Lil Zoofari Tiger - 7"
Style Number: 5410-53307AF As low as $11.01 View Details
Lil Powder Teddy Bear - 8"
Style Number: 5410-13408AF As low as $11.69 View Details
Lil Finnegan Teddy Bear - 10"
Style Number: 5410-12510AF As low as $11.87 View Details
Cocoa Teddy Bear - 7"
Style Number: 5410-14807AF As low as $11.87 View Details
Plush Teddy Bear with T-Shirt - 14"
Style Number: 9363-CT940 As low as $14.59 View Details
Nutmeg Teddy Bear - 13"
Style Number: 5410-13713AF As low as $15.78 View Details
Result1-12 of 12

About Promotional Stuffed Animals

What to Consider with Promotional Stuffed Animals

Any item that can be considered a toy or children’s product should meet U.S. safety requirements. That includes custom stuffed animals. Even if the initial recipient isn’t a child, stuffed animals are often handed down to children. Only products that meet all U.S. safety requirements should be considered for your campaign. HALO’s selection of promotional stuffed animals meets or exceeds these CPSIA requirements. Ask your HALO Account Executive for details.

When choosing the right stuffed animal, start with what style animal you need. If you don’t see the animal you’re looking for, contact your HALO Account Executive for additional options. Decoration can vary from product to product. Some industry specific apparel is available, such as medical scrubs and lab coats - great for children’s hospitals and their gift stores. If serving children’s hospitals, remember that they generally do not allow sewn on button eyes as they can be ripped off and become a choking hazard. Look for personalized stuffed animals with embroidered eyes and noses.