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Promotional Rally Towels & Sports Towels

Promotional rally towels and sports towels offer a one-size-fits-all solution appealing to many demographics. They're great giveaways that help promote your brand, message or awareness. Showcase your logo at local or professional level sporting events, gyms, fitness centers and more.

Custom rally towels and sports towels can be used for many purposes. They’re fun, value-priced giveaways at major sporting events such as basketball and football games. They’re also nice gestures for new members in health and fitness clubs. Most often, rally towels are screen printed with your bold logo. If you’re supporting a team, make sure your team message is prominent to encourage repeated use after the first event. 

Promotional Rally Towels & Sports Towels

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Jacquard Woven Hand Towel - 19"W x 16"H
Style Number: 22118-CJW-19 As low as $13.33 View Details
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About Promotional Rally Towels & Sports Towels

Promotional Rally Towels or Promotional Sports Towels

Rally towels and sport towels can be used for so many purposes. They’re fun fan giveaways that will be used during the game to boost team spirit, and they’re a smart addition to any athletic bag, too.

Custom rally towels and sport towels are usually screen printed to promote your brand, message or awareness. This keeps the cost down while getting your brand message out to mass audiences.

Promotional rally towels and sports towels come in various fabric weights and qualities depending on your audience and objective. HALO’s selection includes everything from budget-friendly, lightweight towels to premium heavyweight varieties.

How do you determine if you need rally (or spirit towels) or sport towels? Rally towels are typically used where large groups of people will get together to bolster support for a cause. Most commonly the rally towel is used for sporting events both large and small including professional, high school and youth athletics. While popular for a variety of sports, fans sitting behind the net of the opposing team at a basketball game love to wave rally towels in attempt to distract rival shots.

Sport towels are typically higher in quality and price, but they can make a great gift with a higher retention value. Many sports towels come with anti-microbial technology to provide built-in protection that fights odor and prevents the spread of bacteria. They’re ideal for wiping sweat during an intense match or game.

Most rally and sport towels launder just as your home towels would. It is suggested to separate whites and colors just as you would with clothing to launder. Do not use bleach with screen printed towels.