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Custom and Branded Printed Napkins & Plates with Your Logo

Corporate events provide branding opportunities around every corner. Earn additional brand recognition with custom logo napkins and promotional paper plates on every table. From beverage napkins with your logo to full size custom napkins, HALO has what you need to set every table with your brand message.

Browse our selection below for plates and napkins made of paper, plastic and Styrofoam to fit your specific need. If you don’t see the size napkin or plate that you want, contact HALO for additional options.

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Luncheon Napkin - 6.5" x 6.5" - White
Style Number: 9188-AS5LN  View Details
Sampler Foam Container - 3.5 oz - Low Minimum
Style Number: 9188-TG835-FC  View Details
White Paper Plate - 7" - Low Miniumum
Style Number: 9188-AS70-7  View Details
Colorware Plastic Plate - 7"
Style Number: 9188-ASCPLP-7  View Details
White Paper Plate - 9"
Style Number: 9188-AS72-9  View Details
Colorware  Plastic Plate - 9"
Style Number: 9188-ASCPLP-9  View Details
Foam Container - 3.5 oz - High Quantity
Style Number: 9188-HL835-FC  View Details
Grooved Edge White Paper Plate - 9"
Style Number: 9188-HL72-9  View Details
Grooved Edge White Plastic Plate - 7"
Style Number: 9188-HLCPLP-7  View Details
Grooved Edge White Plastic Plate - 9"
Style Number: 9188-HLCPLP-9  View Details
Result1-21 of 21

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Things to Consider with Custom Printed Napkins and Plates


Not every promotional napkin and plate is the same. They come in various sizes and materials, with varying imprint options, too. When you’re ordering materials for your next corporate event, remember to ask about the following before making a purchase.

1. Size: Do you need beverage napkins or larger, dinner napkins? Are your plates intended for bite sized snacks, samples of a new product or a full meal? Keep your intended use in mind when making a purchase.

2. Material: Most promotional napkins are paper, but if you are hosting a more elegant event, ask about cloth options. When it comes to plates, typical disposable options include paper, plastic and Styrofoam. Paper plates are often the most cost effective, but plastic and Styrofoam are usually more durable. Styrofoam is also a good option if you are using it to store something that should maintain its temperature like soup or ice cream.

3. Imprint options: Ask about your imprint options on your custom napkins and plates. On dinner napkins, consider imprinting on the corner or somewhere the user will not wipe on themselves. On plates, almost anywhere is fair game.

If you have questions regarding promotional napkins or plates, contact HALO today.