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Promotional Multifunction Pens

People carry pens nearly everywhere they go. Make your branded pen stand out by choosing multifunction pens for your next marketing campaign. Promotional multifunction pens can present unique opportunities for your brand to become the go-to over other office accessories.

Flag, highlight and write all with one multifunction pen. Browse HALO’s selection of pen/highlighter combinations, pens with small sticky note dispensers ideal for note taking, and stylus pens perfect for any tech user. Show off your company’s versatility by offering a handy writing instrument that will spark conversation about your brand. Interested in a pen but want to try it out first? Ask your HALO Account Executive about free samples.

Promotional Multifunction Pens

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Best Seller Pen Gel-Wax Highlighter Combo
Style Number: 14254-PH-453 As low as $0.97 | SALE $0.86 View Details
Best Seller Style-Us Pen - Colored Barrel
Style Number: 14254-5261 As low as $0.79 | SALE $0.60 View Details
Best Seller Style-Us Pen - Silver Barrel
Style Number: 14254-5260 As low as $0.79 | SALE $0.60 View Details
Epic Solid Ballpoint Pen and Stylus
Style Number: 1165-BV3920 As low as $0.67 View Details
Kickstand Stylus Pen and Phone Stand
Style Number: 6489-KICKSTAND As low as $0.69 View Details
BIC® Rize Stylus Pen
Style Number: 4048-RZSTY As low as $0.69 View Details
Souvenir® Sol Stylus Pen
Style Number: 4048-55942 As low as $0.70 View Details
Falcon Stylus Pen
Style Number: 14254-5256 As low as $0.73 View Details
Twist Pen with Stylus
Style Number: 6852-931 As low as $0.74 View Details
Souvenir® Motive Stylus Pen
Style Number: 4048-55940 As low as $0.75 View Details
Bounty Metallic Stylus Pen
Style Number: 6489-BOUNTY As low as $0.79 View Details
Rocket Writer Pen
Style Number: 4629-LO7101 As low as $0.79 View Details
Swanky™ Pen with Happy Face - Necktie Clip
Style Number: 7953-PL-1297 As low as $0.82 View Details
BIC® Image Stylus Pen
Style Number: 4048-IMGSTY As low as $0.87 View Details
Turbo Twist™ Pen + Stylus
Style Number: 34256-AIO-WTRBO As low as $0.88 View Details
Swanky™ Pen with Happy Face - Exclamation Point Clip
Style Number: 7953-PL-1296 As low as $0.89 View Details
Stylus Pen
Style Number: 5954-615Z As low as $0.92 View Details
Orbit 4-in-1 Ballpoint Pen and Stylus
Style Number: 1165-BV3020 As low as $0.95 View Details
Silver Blossom Ballpoint Pen & Highlighter
Style Number: 3493-G1032 As low as $0.98 View Details
Neon Blossom Pen & Highlighter
Style Number: 3493-G1037 As low as $0.98 View Details
Translucent Blossom Pen & Highlighter
Style Number: 3493-G1038 As low as $0.98 View Details
TouchWrite Array
Style Number: 5954-1230 As low as $1.00 View Details
Stylus Light Pen
Style Number: 14254-5240 As low as $1.04 View Details
Dual Ended Highlighter & Twist Action Pen
Style Number: 4048-55429 As low as $1.08 View Details
Wave® Deluxe Ballpoint Pen and Stylus
Style Number: 1165-BV3620 As low as $1.09 View Details
Nori Multi-Function Pen
Style Number: 3493-I131 As low as $1.23 View Details
Dri Mark Double Header Nylon Point Pen & Highlighter
Style Number: 106850-H1811 As low as $1.23 View Details
Aluminum Tire Gauge Pen
Style Number: 3673-WTT-QV12 As low as $1.25 View Details
Sangria Stylus Pen with LED Light
Style Number: 6115-889 As low as $1.29 View Details
TouchWrite Keychain
Style Number: 5954-1240 As low as $1.33 View Details
Ballpoint Pen & Stylus
Style Number: 3493-G1104 As low as $1.33 View Details
Double Exposure Highlighter & Ballpoint Pen Combo
Style Number: 106850-H5811 As low as $1.36 View Details
Majestic Ballpoint Pen and Stylus
Style Number: 1165-BB5620 As low as $1.49 View Details
Sonata Comfort Stylus Pen
Style Number: 61966-677 As low as $1.56 View Details
Uni-ball® Combi Black Pen & Black Highlighter Cap
Style Number: 8483-CBHS As low as $1.58 View Details
Uni-Ball® Combi White Pen & Clear Highlighter Cap
Style Number: 8483-CBHW As low as $1.58 View Details
Clipa II Fridge Memo Chip Clip and Ballpoint Pen
Style Number: 1165-VS1205 As low as $1.59 View Details
Vienna Stylus Pen
Style Number: 61966-636 As low as $1.59 View Details
Madison 4-in-1 Ballpoint Pen with LED, Phone Stand and Stylus
Style Number: 1165-BV2820 As low as $1.65 View Details
Textari Stylus Pen
Style Number: 61966-699 As low as $1.66 View Details
Result1-40 of 69

About Promotional Multifunction Pens

Types of Promotional Multifunction Pens & Uses

Be the brand that helps people accomplish more when you add promotional multifunction pens to your next campaign. HALO’s selection of multifunction pens include pens that will help with note taking, pens that techies will love, and a bartender’s best friend among others.

Highlighter and sticky note pens help with efficient note taking. They’re useful for students and will help your brand stand out among other promotional pens. Highlighter pens often come in various colors so you can offer a mix or choose a color that goes with your brand. Pens with sticky note dispensers hold the perfect size “flag” notes to mark a spot in a textbook. They’re also great for chefs and bakers to mark their favorite recipes and reference materials.

Stylus pens are notable giveaways at trade shows and conferences where people bring their tablets and smartphones. Between note taking and using their gadgets, the user will never put down your pen and continue holding onto your brand all day.

HALO’s multifunction pen selection includes some novelty-type pens, too. If you’re trying to reach people at restaurants and bars, bottle opener pens are the perfect way to do it. Servers and bartenders will use the pen to take orders and won’t have to reach for anything else when opening bottles for patrons. Similarly, a tire gauge pen is a convenient alternative to traditional pens for anyone in an auto repair or supply shop.

No matter what market you’re trying to reach, a multifunction pen will help get your brand noticed.