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Custom Promotional Stylus Pens

Custom stylus pens can help your brand stand out more than a traditional promotional pen. Whether you’re reaching out to students, corporate employees, or tech-savvy individuals, a stylus is a smart choice. Most promo stylus pens are sold as combo pens, with an ink pen on one end and a multi-purpose stylus on the other end or the cap. This makes the pen more useful than a traditional pen, meaning your brand is likely to receive more impressions.

When shopping for custom stylus pens, one thing to consider is how your audience will use it. Look for different sized points or “nib” tips for various applications. A finer tip is ideal for anyone who will “write” with their stylus or do fine drawings to mimic pencil art. Larger tips are ideal for everyday use for people of all ages. Stylus tips can be made of different materials, too. 

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What are Promo Stylus Pens?



With the rise in touchscreen technology, custom stylus pens have become increasingly popular. Styluses let the user “write” on touchscreen devices. They can be used as an extension of the user’s hand to avoid smudging the screen or they can be used to take digital notes.

Styluses alone are useful, but they can be lost or forgotten as people opt to use their fingers. On the other hand, custom stylus pens typically provide the user with two helpful tools in one. A promotional pen with stylus generally combines a quality pen with a traditional stylus.  It can be used as a note-taking device on paper or touchscreens and is great for digital sketching, too.

Most styluses can be used on anything with a touchscreen, including phones, tablets and laptops with touchscreens. As tablets pop up in classrooms across the country, you can get your brand out to teachers and students with logo stylus pens. Consider reaching out to traditional schools (ranging from elementary to the university level) as well as art schools and museums. Many artists are turning to touch screen sketching and digital design apps.

Styluses also make thoughtful executive gifts as many executives rely on touchscreen technology in their daily lives. Because of its versatility, the stylus pen is more likely to be used than a traditional stylus. In fact, it might become the recipient’s favorite writing instrument.


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