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Promotional Branded Calculators

Promotional calculators give your logo exposure that adds up! Calculators are affordable enough to give to large groups. Consider adding them to welcome bags for new students or employees. Your branded calculator will have a permanent spot on their desks. You can also market to accounting and finance professionals at trade shows with classic calculators or a little something different like a combination calculator and business card holder. Most people keep a calculator at home, too. Consider using promotional calculators during tax season and after the holidays (when many people are tightening their budgets).

HALO’s selection of calculators comes in an array of colors so you can find something to match your brand’s logo or marketing campaign. If you don’t see the color or style you want, your HALO Account Executive may have other options for you.

Custom Promotional Branded Calculators

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Expo Calculator
Style Number: 6115-1622 As low as $2.25 View Details
Flip Calculator
Style Number: 6115-1606  View Details
Black Magic Slim Calculator
Style Number: 4629-LC37  View Details
3-in-1 Picture Frame Calculator Clock
Style Number: 4629-PF104  View Details
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About Custom Promotional Branded Calculators

About Promotional Calculators
It’s true that people refer to their phones and tablets for most things, but in a pinch, some phone apps make simple tasks a bit more difficult. Trying to quickly type numbers into a smart phone calculator, for instance, can be cumbersome. The screen may not show everything or fingers may slip. Many people appreciate having a simple calculator to turn to for a quick calculation. HALO has a variety of promotional calculators perfect for all industries and applications. 




When shopping for the right promotional calculator, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Color: HALO offers calculators in an array of colors. Browse bright, playful options, bold solids, and transparent colors, too. You’ll find something that matches or complements your logo or brand message.  Ask for a virtual proof to ensure your logo is displayed properly on whichever color you choose.

Batteries or Solar Power: How the calculator is powered can be an important part of your final decision. If the calculator is battery powered, check if batteries are included. If they’re not, consider adding batteries to your giveaway. Recipients will appreciate being able to use the calculator right away.

Materials & Style: Soft, silicone calculators are easy to fit in small bags and pockets whereas hard plastic calculators are less flexible. Additionally, some people need larger, easy push buttons whereas others would prefer something smaller to carry around easily. Slim calculator designs are especially popular on the road or while working a trade show.  Ask your HALO Account Executive for samples to see which calculator would be best for your audience.

Discuss your marketing needs with your HALO Account Executive, and they’ll help you find the best calculator for your brand.