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Promotional Custom Carabiners

Promotional custom carabiners are a unique and trendy twist on traditional promotional keychains. They come in various colors to complement your brand and include either screen printed or engraved decoration. Plus, they are made of metal, which means they will last longer than other promotional items and give you prolonged brand exposure.

If you’re reaching out to an active audience, a custom carabiner with a keyring is a smart choice. They provide a hands-free solution to anyone on the go. Students can use the carabiner to keep their keys, wallet and a water bottle all in one place as they go to and from class. Similarly, bike riders, hikers and other athletes will appreciate having their items nearby without having to carry them in their hands.

Promotional Custom Carabiners

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Carabiner Clip Compass Keychain
Style Number: 9021-SM-2374 As low as $0.99View Details 
Anodized Carabiner Keychain
Style Number: 103415-65073 As low as $0.79View Details 
Key Strap with Carabiner Clip & Keyring
Style Number: 5410-KSNW As low as $1.68View Details 
Style Number: 9021-SM-2348 As low as $0.59View Details 
6 mm Carabiner with Split Ring
Style Number: 6115-2081 As low as $0.59View Details 
Full Color Carabiner
Style Number: 8360-CAR-4C As low as $1.19View Details 
Carabiner with Dye-Sublimated Key Fob
Style Number: 8360-CAR-FOB-4C As low as $2.66View Details 
Carabiner with Woven Key Fob
Style Number: 8360-CAR-FOB-CUST As low as $3.24View Details 
Result1-8 of 8

About Promotional Custom Carabiners

Uses for Promotional Carabiners

Promotional carabiners are a long-lasting, colorful option for any campaign, but some audiences will find them particularly useful. If your target market is very active or generally carries many items with them, a custom carabiner is a good choice. Your branding will be attached to them wherever they go. To ensure they get used, choose custom carabiners with attached keyrings. Users will trade out their existing keyring for this more useful option.

How will your audience use promotional carabiner keychains?

Attach it to a bag: This option is ideal for students and athletes. A carabiner will keep their keys, wallet and anything else in one convenient place so they’re not digging around at the bottom of the bag when it’s time to go. Some bags even have clips on the inside pocket so the user can attach their carabiner without worrying that something might be unclipped from their bag.

Carabiners also provide an easy way to take a water bottle on the go as many water bottles come with loops convenient for carabiner attachment.

Attach it to a belt loop: Carpenters, plumbers, warehouse workers and anyone else who wears a utility belt will love a custom carabiner. They can keep their keys with them along with work-related items such as tape measures, pens and tools that can all be easily attached to a carabiner with a zip tie or keyring.

Attach it to a bike: Biking is easier when the rider isn’t carrying many items. A carabiner lets the rider attach his or her keys directly to the bike or water bottle and keep it all safely in the water bottle holder or attached to the handlebars. The rider’s keys are there when needed and won’t need to be uncomfortably shoved in a pocket or carried in a bulky bag.

No matter how they use it, your custom carabiner gives your brand exposure on the go. Contact your HALO Account Executive to add this affordable item to your next campaign.