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Logo keychains and key tags are an affordable way to get your brand out to numerous people. They’re easy to hand out at large events and trade shows. When in use, keychains can earn your brand numerous impressions every day. Browse HALO’s selection of keychains including vinyl and plastic. Many in HALO’s selection are made in the USA, so you’ll be supporting the economy with your promotion.

On some of the vinyl keychains, you can add stock images to enhance the shape, such as treads on a tire keychain. Ask for a virtual proof with your order to ensure your artwork is exactly as you want it. HALO also offers numerous keychains with variable data imprints. Plastic key tags with variable data imprints make perfect membership cards—consider using them for club access or exclusive member discounts. Your HALO Account Executive can help you determine which type of keychain is best for your marketing campaign.

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8 mm Carabiner Keychain
Style Number: 6115-2058 As low as $0.79 View Details
Multi-Function Tool & Key Light Keychain
Style Number: 6852-KL34 As low as $1.49 View Details
12-in-1 Pocket Tool with Keyring
Style Number: 1165-GK2003 As low as $4.75 View Details
Result1-3 of 3

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Adding keychains to your promotional marketing mix is a smart choice for your budget, so where do you start? Picking the right keychain can make a big difference on the number of impressions your brand gets. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your logo keychains.

Artwork: What will your artwork look like? If you have a recognizable logo, consider a clean, simple keychain with nothing other than your logo on it. Your logo can help determine the shape you choose, too. Whether you want round, rectangular or a different popular shape can narrow down your choices. If you’re including more than a logo on your keychain, you may need a larger size. Ask for a virtual proof of your keychain to make sure your artwork comes across clearly to users.

Intended Audience: HALO offers a variety of multi-function keychains that are great for specialty, niche groups. A tape measure keychain would be useful for designers, engineers, architechs and builders. Bottle openers are perfect for bar and restaurant employees, and floatable keychains are ideal for boaters and marine staff.

Use:  How will your audience use this keychain? If you want your logo keychain to double as a membership or discount card, include a variable data imprint. If you think they’ll use it for more than keys, browse for options with carabiner clips. Carabiners can clip to backpacks and bikes to hold water bottles and other useful items.

Theme: With an array of different shaped keychains, you can choose something that fits a specific theme, too. Browse popular shapes like houses, cause awareness ribbons and states.

Final Budget: Does your budget allow for some wiggle room? Simple vinyl or plastic keychains are usually less expensive than multi-use or metal engraved keychains. Multi-use keychains such as keychain lights may get used more often than a traditional keychain. Your initial cost may be higher, but your return on investment will be greater. Determining how much wiggle room your budget has can help you decide if upgrading your keychain style or decoration is the right choice for your brand.

Your HALO Account Executive can help you further narrow down your keychain choices. Contact HALO to start your keychain order today.