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Promotional Plastic Key Tags

If you’re starting a loyalty program or want to track club member data, custom plastic key tags are a smart way to do it. HALO’s selection of promotional plastic key tags includes an array of shapes and colors, and many include a full color imprint in the cost. Ask your HALO Account Executive for plastic key tags with variable data imprint options so you can give each member of your organization a unique code. This is a great way to track buyer behavior, make it easy for members to use facilities such as at a library, or earn discounts through a boosters club.

Plastic key chains as membership cards are convenient for you and the user. They’re easy and affordable to mail, and they’ll always be on the user’s keyring instead of lost in an overstuffed wallet. Browse HALO’s selection of plastic tags to find one perfect for your brand.

Custom Promotional Key Tags

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Oval Loyalty Card Key Tag - Full color
Style Number: 8021-22000 As low as $0.25 View Details
Plastic Rectangle Key Tag
Style Number: 8021-22001 As low as $0.25 View Details
Laminated Plastic Key Tag - Large Rectangle with Round Corners
Style Number: 8021-22002 As low as $0.25 View Details
Laminated Plastic Key Tag - Oval
Style Number: 8021-22003 As low as $0.25 View Details
Laminated Plastic Key Tag - Medium Rectangle with Round Corners
Style Number: 8021-22004 As low as $0.25 View Details
Laminated Plastic Key Tag - Round
Style Number: 8021-22020 As low as $0.25 View Details
Plastic Loyalty Wallet Card
Style Number: 8021-22104 As low as $0.37 View Details
Loyalty Tag - Set of 3
Style Number: 8021-22102 As low as $0.48 View Details
Plastic Loyalty Wallet Card & Tag
Style Number: 8021-22100 As low as $0.61 View Details
Plastic Loyalty Wallet Card with 2 Tags
Style Number: 8021-22101 As low as $0.70 View Details
Bracelet Coil Keychain
Style Number: 5271-BC1220 As low as $0.95 View Details
Bottle Opener Key Chain with Double-Sided Full Color Epoxy Dome
Style Number: 34256-AIO-JWBOP As low as $1.19 View Details
Result1-12 of 12

About Custom Promotional Key Tags

Using Variable Data from Promotional Plastic Key Tags


Plastic membership key tags are loved by the companies that issue them as much as they’re loved by the users. For the user, the reasons are obvious—one less card in their wallet. The promotional key tags are always with them. They provide quick access to gyms and libraries and easy savings at stores and restaurants. Behind the scenes, the companies that issue these plastic key tags can benefit from tracking the user data the cards provide. With a scan of the card, data can be collected and used to help your business.

What should you be tracking and how can you use the data in the future? It depends on your marketing goals. If you run a fitness center, tracking the most popular workout times can help you plan group class schedules and special events. You will also know when you need extra staff and save money by conserving labor during slow hours. These metrics might help you determine if you need to purchase more equipment to accommodate all guests for high-traffic times.

Similarly, grocery stores, restaurants and coffee shops can track their busiest hours to help with staffing, too. Additionally, stores and restaurants can track purchases to make advertising to particular demographics easier. If your data shows that young loyalty members, ages 18 to 25, purchase more frozen coffee drinks than people ages 45 to 50, then you can create an entire campaign for frozen coffee targeted specifically to that demographic.

Libraries and booster clubs can use variable data from plastic keychains to track members and donations. Booster clubs in particular might be interested in how many people actually use their coupons; this kind of data can help secure sponsors if you can show that their sponsorship helps drive traffic to their business.

Regardless of how you use the data, remember that you need to assign the information to the member at initial signup. You will only have information of members who provide it, so keep that in mind before making drastic changes to your business.